Monday, October 14, 2019

I Missed Running

I missed running. I really did. I fell in love with running, was pretty good at it and then took it for granted. Eventually I wasn't putting in the work and wasn't true to the sport. Naturally, running went away.

But I don't want to harp on the past. There's no point in going through the negatives. I feel like I'm back in a good place with my running. I'm becoming dedicated again. I've got motivation. I feel determined.

And all that has made me want to express myself through this medium once more. Running and blogging went hand-in-hand for me. When I was first going through the rigors of marathon training, I wanted to blog about it. When I ran races, I made mental notes to go back and write a thorough and entertaining race recap. When I was planning ahead, I went to my blog to try and organize and flush out my thoughts.

Successes? On my blog. Failures? On my blog too. Hopes and dreams? Yup, you guessed it. Stupid stuff? Yeah, on there as well.

So now that I'm getting back into the groove, I feel like I want to share it on my blog and put it out there on the Interwebs.

Another reason too is that I don't write professionally much anymore, at least not like I used to. I used to cover a lot of soccer games, practices, pressers, etc., and would churn out an insane amount of copy. But now I don't quite write that amount. I'm grateful to my one client because I can still talk shit but it's a bit more streamlined now.

So I have all this pent-up desire to write and I can't quite get it all out. That too is contributing to me wanting to get back to blogging.

Mostly, though, it's the running.

I run regularly now. I have been, I suppose. I never really stopped running. But I was rudderless, just running whatever miles here and there, not running long on Sundays, not running races, not running with my friends and I missed it all. Every minute of it.

And so I decided to come back. I know I've let this blog gather dust and go into hibernation before and then resurrected it, but this time I feel motivated in a lot of things. In fact, I've got several blog posts already written and scheduled to post - in the can as we say in journalism-speak.

If nobody reads these posts, that's cool. I started with an audience of zero and with no prospects of making that number higher (outside of my own family of course) but it grew to be a sizable little collection of readers. If you're an old-school reader, thank you for sticking with me and following along. If you're new, welcome. I have a lot of old posts that are entertaining and informative that could be to your liking.

Regardless, it feels good to be back here on this blog writing about my running adventures.

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