Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fontana Half PR!

Fontana Days came and went and I got me a new PR.

I finished the half marathon on Saturday in 1:47:08, beating my time from last year by nearly 90 seconds. I'll have a full race recap on Monday.

It's early Sunday morning right now and I'm actually getting set to go on a run. No rest for the weary, I know.

I may have been able to enjoy the race more had I not had a full day of soccer afterward. I went straight home after the race -  as in I got my medal, got some fruit and water, chatted briefly with a fellow Loper and then hustled off to my car - showered, changed and went to the soccer fields. Then I coached a game and refereed two. I'm still worn out but such is life.

I actually feel okay. My quads are a little sore as you would expect. Fontana is an all-downhill course, hence my ridiculous time. I averaged an 8:11 pace, something I'd have a difficult time doing on a flat course. But I did run hard and felt strong and felt like I earned that race. It's not like they give you roller skates at the top of the hill, you still gotta run the damn race.

Just how I ran it and what was going through my mind, I'll let you know about shortly.


Carrie said...


Caroline said...

I was there too
and I also got a PR

I think I saw you actually..not sure..I keep looking at your profile pic and I am not 100%...I stared at a guy who looked like you..maybe he thought I was crazy...anyway...had a OC shirt on and was sitting on the curb around 6:30 am at the top of the mountain..was it you?

Nelly said...

Great job, nice PR!

Michael said...

Congrats that's awesome!! I just want to beat 2:20 some day....beating two hours just seems unheard of to me. You are a fast one my friend!!

Lissaloo said...

Congrats :)