Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Races

Alright, well, maybe they're not exactly new. In fact, I've run all of these races on my calendar before, but let's not worry about the semantics of it all for now.

March 17: Los Angeles Marathon. I had such a great time running it last year, I can only hope I have such an enjoyable time once more.

April 21: Run Through Redlands Half Marathon: Probably my favorite half marathon. It was my first half marathon, my first sub-two half marathon and it's the half marathon I've run the most. This year will be my fourth time out there.

May 5: OC Marathon. Gulp. I have a special goal for this race which I'll share as the time nears.

June 1: Fontana Days Half Marathon. Another fun race. I've run this one twice and it's my two fastest half marathon times. Of course, it's all downhill so that helps.

June 16: San Francisco Marathon: Yes!! I love this race and will thoroughly enjoy it once more.


To be continued. I've only gotten through June 2013. I'm not sure about a fall race because I don't want to train through the summer. It's fine though that I've only got this on my mind right now. I want to focus on the task of running three marathons in a 13-week span, beginning with LA in March.


Michael said...

Dang, that's alot of marathon for the first half of the year!! GOod luck with all the training!!

Coy Martinez said...

It all just makes me want to come to California and run. I want to run the marathon that goes over the Golden Gate bridge.

Lauren said...

I want to know what the OC Marathon goal is! I'm curious!

See you at San Francisco!

Courtney said...

My husband and I are thinking about running the Los Angeles Marathon on March 17, it is a very busy weekend for us so we don't know for sure if we will be able to go. But I am curious about the race. Can you tell me about it? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome goals. I hope I can make it to Run Through Redlands again.

Anonymous said...

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