Monday, February 25, 2013

Training (Almost) Complete

Sunday I ran 22 miles.

Wow. I am glad I was able to write that out, since that means the 22-mile run is now behind me.

Running 22 miles is no joke. It's rarified air. I can't say for sure but I think I've run a 22-mile training run only five or six other times. Usually when I hit 22 miles, it's during a marathon. But Sunday's run was just a training run - a difficult, challenging, intimidating, grueling training run, but just a training nevertheless.

It worked out well for the most part. We stuck together, my group of 12. We encountered some challenging weather conditions - sunny (which made us feel warm when we really weren't) and windy (Hate. The. Wind). I chose a route that wasn't loaded with hills, like our 20-mile run in January was. Some of my runners were struggling a bit at the end but no worry, I have complete faith that every runner in my group that is running the LA Marathon will cross the finish line at the LA Marathon. Bar none.

That's the challenge that lies ahead of us now - the LA Marathon. On March 17, we will take on the challenge of the distance, will take on the 26.2 miles once more and we'll be ready.

What awaits for me now is simple - a 12-mile run on Sunday and a 10-mile run on March 10. Also, my midweek runs will continue as they've been. My streak will hopefully reach 76 on the day of the marathon itself.

All that, though, will take care of itself in the coming weeks. For now, I'm happy that the hardest part of my training is now behind me. What's left will be fun and will only help grow the anticipation I have in the marathon.

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Anonymous said...

The wind was killer yesterday. Awesome job on the 22!