Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Honors, And An Honored Blog

Just wanted to share this bit with you.

Broken Hearted Runner compiled a list of Best Running Blogs and included yours truly in there.

What he says about this trusty blog:

Muddy Runner: He has accomplished some amazing things in a short amount of time.

Woo hoo!

On a related note, you might want to check out a new blog. It's not a new blog I stumbled upon but rather a brand-spankin' new blog. My beloved friend Tahoegirl has FINALLY decided to take up blogging! I'm so excited to be able to follow her training and antics up in frozen Michigan.

got miles? is the name of her blog and please go say hello, follow her and encourage her to continue churning out the blog posts.


Jill said...

Woohoo, you're a celebrity!! :)
Congrats on the great recognition.

Ange said...

I love when the truly inspirational blogs get recognized.

tahoegirl said...

You are the first blog I ever read. I already knew you were awesome. Glad everyone else knows too, now. To think we met on AR.

Thanks for the shout out!! :o)