Sunday, January 9, 2011

Painful Reminder

I forget.

Sometimes I just go about my business without thinking twice about certain things.

Sunday was one of those days. A little before six in the morning, I was mentally going over everything I'd need for my 14- to 15-miler I'd planned to run.
Fuel belt. Okay, got that. Garmin. Gu. Check and check. Watch, yeah might as well take it. Oh yeah, grab the phone holder and headphones, probably going to need those.

Nowhere in there did I say "What about your nipples?"

I'd had tape on them for a few days, which usually works best for me. If I tape them just before a run, they don't always stick that great and then they become exposed. And when they are exposed, I'm susceptible to injury.

So, somewhere in between the Gu and headphones, I should have said "Well, just in case, let me check my nips."

But I didn't.

And I paid for it.

I knew I was in trouble at about Mile 7. I didn't feel the tape on my right side. I felt it on the left but not my right. About a mile afterward I noticed some blood. I had two shirts on, a long-sleeve undershirt and a gray shirt over that. A few miles after that, I noticed a lot of blood. Throughout the run, I would try and put some pressure on the area, but that didn't really work that well.

When I was done with my run - a tough 14.39 mile run - I lifted up my gray shirt and saw the extent of the damage.

My nip was in pain so I took my shirts off in the parking lot and snapped that picture.

If you haven't read this blog for a while, this is an ongoing problem. Well, it was at one point but I fixed it. Mostly. As long as I use the tape that works best for me - medical tape - then I'm fine. I just have to include them on my checklist.

It's actually good this happened now. Every now and then I need a reminder, a hard slap in the face, to keep the nipples in mind.

With Surf City just around the corner, now's as good a time as any to be reminded of that.


Tricia said...


Kerrie T. said...

OK. That just looks painful. But there are so many jokes I want to say. But it looks painful.

So. I won't.

Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine how painful that it!!

5thsister said...

friction injuries are definitely painful. sorry it's still a problem for you. takes the fun out of the run.

Morgan said...

Oy! That does not look pleasant at all!!!

Willoughby said...

I feel woozy just looking at that picture!

Ange said...

Ow ow ow!

On the other, really bad axe.

Zoƫ said...

Owie! I'm with Kerrie...there are so many jokes, but by the looks of the gore, you've suffered enough.

thrasherswife said...

Owie Owie Owie - you'd think by now you'd have nothing to rub....

Kate said...


I always say men have it easier, but from the looks of that shirt I am thanking my lucky stars for my female parts.

Glenn Jones said...

Ouch! You know, I have my shirts int two piles. Those I can wear when going long distance, and those I can't (for the reasons so graphically shown). I found that some shirts are just a bit more, ahem, "abrasive" than others.

MissJewels said...

Eeesh!!! Looks painful! I scrolled to the pics before I read the post and thought..."That can't be blood!" All I can say is ouch! I admire you for running through that though! Your long runs are so inspiring! Surf City baby! Woo hoo!!!

Lisa said...