Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Second monitor

I used my trusty Polar watch/heart rate monitor again on Wednesday. I barely noticed the strap around my torso.

I had some more observations regarding my 42-minute interval cardio session. The deeper I got into my run, the higher my heart rate stayed. For instance, about 30 minutes into it my heart rate did not dip below 160.

I also amped up the runs to 5.8 and 7.5. I still want to keep the low one at a steady pace and felt that 6.0 wouldn't be that steady so I stayed on 5.8. The 7.5 isn't too bad. It's challenging but it doesn't leave me wasted. Also, I ran my final 2-minute sprint at a 9.0.

Here are the stats:

Date: 06/18/08
Total time: 1:07:25
In zone: 35:47
Avg hr: 135
Max hr: 185
Cal: 730

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