Friday, June 20, 2008

More sprints and intervals

I went running this morning with my youngest brother. We ran a mile for time and I bested my time from Saturday by 20 seconds. I went from 8:05 to 7:43, which is pretty good. It's still not my best time but that will come, hopefully Sunday.

After the mile run, we walked one lap and went right into our sprints. I didn't think my brother would be able to last, and I was right. But it's because he's not used to running like that. Training that way is very difficult, especially when you aren't used to running for distance. Jesse runs well in soccer but it's a different beast when you run intervals and sprints, as we did today.

I actually felt good throughout the entire run. Although I didn't do as much as I did on Saturday - I didn't run the cool-down mile - I still felt good and I still got loads from the workout.

One thing I noticed about my heart rate... it pretty much stayed above 160 when I was running the sprints, and in fact stayed above 170 for most of it. It fluctuated between 170 and 180-something. I didn't see it get up to 187 but that may have been in the middle or end of one of my last sprints. I saw it go to 185 or so, I think.

Here are the vitals:

Time: 36:00
In zone: 10:40
Avg hr: 166
Max hr: 187
Cal: 587

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