Thursday, June 10, 2010

Batten Down The Hatches

For the next month, things will be a bit hectic for me. But that's hectic in a good way.

If you haven't been paying attention - and I hope you have been - there's a little soccer tournament going on in Africa that is captivating the world's attention.

Yeah, the World Cup.

I'm so excited for it, you cannot imagine.

Anyway,  the tournament starts on Friday and it's going to throw a monkey wrench into a whole lot of things, particularly running. I like to run in the mornings, only run in the mornings, but I can't do that now. Well, I can, there will be some days where I'll have a window between games to get in a run, but to have the freedom to go to the gym when I want or can, to plan for runs outside on the rare occasion I get to, well, that's going to take a bit of a hiatus.

I will continue running but I will have to run some in the afternoons and evenings. Mrs. LB has already been put on notice, so that's not necessarily an issue. It's just going to be me sticking to some night runs that will be the problem.

My long runs will have to continue as planned early Sunday mornings. I can't re-arrange those... I mean, I probably could but I need to focus on the distance and mileage and all that when it's more than 12 miles. And that means (sadly) I'll be running while there are some World Cup games being played.

As for the tournament itself... since this kind of writing is what I do for a living and all... some links for ya.

Video of yours truly breaking down the tournament and the United States' first game, on Saturday against England. Other videos of mine are underneath, any soccer vid you see there is probably mine (I think there are four in total). I should be on TV... okay, probably not...

Also, stories galore, for your reading pleasure. Five stories here I wrote up and were published in Thursday's paper. I don't usually blog about my work here for several reasons but I figured this would be a good opportunity to do so, if nothing else to educate you, my trusty blog reader, on one of my greatest passions.

So here's to many awesome soccer games upcoming and many fantastic evening runs for me. I think I'm ready.

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Lauren said...

I'm sure this would be much more exciting if I were into sports ;) But i'm happy YOU'RE so excited! LOL