Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mud Run Of Yore

The countdown for the Mud Run is on in earnest. It's been on for a bit, but now it's rapidly approaching and pretty much right in front of me.

This will be the third edition of the Camp Pendleton Mud Run and I can't wait to stand out there at the start line, corralled in like cattle, waiting for final instructions from a Marine about the race. That brings back some really fun memories, and I will create even more in a few short days.

I figured I'd post some pictures from my first Mud Run here to give you an idea of what Saturday might look like. I'm thinking of wearing the same outfit so Saturday could really look like this.

Stepping out from the river, which was up to my chest.

Looking for space to crawl through.
Not sure if I was smiling or grimacing... or both.

The finish line is in sight...
... gotta step it up!

This race was in October 2008 and was my second-ever race. That alone is a bit strange, to think that Race No. 2 was this one, a monster of a challenge for a newbie, and still a worthy challenge for me now and always.

Maybe this year if I get some good shots of myself I'll actually buy one or two.


Lisa said...

Good luck L.B. This does not look fun to me but whatever floats your boat :)

Amanda said...

Go LB! You're going to do great and have fun. Great pictures!

Lisa said...

Fun! I am excited for you.

Lauren said...

w00t w00t :D