Thursday, June 9, 2011

Girls Take On The Mud Run

On Saturday, the girls will compete in their second-ever Mud Run. It will be an exciting day to be certain.

For the occasion, I decided to ask the girls about their experiences with the Mud Run and record it.

Enjoy. First, Kennedy.

And up next, Yvie.


tahoegirl said...

Oh my goodness. Your girls are just way too cute.

Good luck girls, and I can't wait to hear your race recap and see photos!

Willoughby said...

They are adorable! They sound pretty excited about running the Mud Run again.

Good luck Kennedy and Yvie!

Whitney said...

These are awesome - Yvie's comments about her shoes that aren't "special" and not being a sissy kill me! So fun.

Good luck Girls!

thrasherswife said...

so cute lb - they are getting so bit. Kennedy looks so much older then the last videos she was in with Yvie cooking! They will rock it just like their dad always does!