Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. National Running Day: Wednesday was National Running Day. I'd only heard about it a couple of days before but I wasn't going to pass up the chance to get out and run and have others run with me. I went to the HS track with my daughters. Yvie took her bike but Kennedy's is at the bike shop being fixed so she didn't have hers. No matter. I ran three miles while Yvie rode her bike and Kennedy entertained herself. Kennedy ran with me as I went past her at one stretch and she was barefoot. Her shoes weren't the greatest to run in, so I had told her if she wanted to take them off that would be fine. So she ran total about a half-mile barefoot. Then, Yvie walked towards me to tell me something and I grabbed her hand and had her run with me also. All in all, a great outing.

2. Race Within The Run: After three miles, I raced Yvie around the track. She was on her bike, and I was running. It was one lap, winner take all... well, one lap anyway. We started and at first I wasn't quite flying. I was running faster but not at top speed. But Yvie threatened to zoom past me so I had no choice. Around the first turn she was out in front but since she was in the number 8 lane and I was entrenched in the number 6 lane, I was able to make up some ground (she insisted on staying in 8 so I told her I'd stay in 6 because anything else, like the 1 lane, and it wouldn't have been fair). We hit the straightaway and I started to pull ahead but that only made her want to give more and by the time we hit the last turn she was in front. She pulled in front but then I went into a sprint, but it was frustrating when I saw her bike get further in front of me. I checked on my micoach app and I was running that lap at about a 6:30 pace. Yvie won fair in square. But that's cool though. I challenged her to a rematch.

3. Fontana Days: I can't believe I have a half marathon on Saturday. I haven't blogged about it much probably because I'm not all that confident in myself right now but I will dedicate a post to it before the race. I think the worst part is knowing I won't get any sleep before the race. If I'm lucky, I'll get five hours of sleep but it will probably be closer to four. There's a game I have to cover on Friday that starts at 8, and that is super lame. The only Friday game of the year and it's right before a rare (for me) Saturday half marathon. Anyway, sleep issues aside, there are some challenges to this race that I haven't had to face in a while, namely this feeling of unpreparedness. But I'll save those thoughts for later.

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Jill said...

Best moments ever with the girls!! YOu will look back on that day, I assure you, for years to come! And the girl is learning the whole barefoot thing - very cool :).

Good luck on the half this weekend, that's so exciting!!!