Monday, September 19, 2011

Another International Trip

I'm heading out to Costa Rica later today. Ha, that's not something you say every day.

This will be my second international trip in a span of eight days. That's not something that happens often either. But that's how things work out for me. I go long stretches of time without traveling and then all of the sudden I'm thrust onto international flights in rapid succession.

My whirlwind travel isn't done either. I may have a chance to go to Honduras for a match in late October. That will be interesting as I've never been to Honduras.

Anyway, we'll cross that bridge in Tegucigalpa when I come to it. For now, it's on to San Jose's Juan Santamaria International Airport. Well, later this afternoon anyway.

I haven't had the chance to read up on you all so I apologize for not getting out and reading blogs as much lately. Next week things will be back to normal and I will have time to run and blog and read blogs and get to some things around the house.

Anyway, hopefully I'll check in from Costa Rica.

And if you weren't reading my blog in 2009 when I last went to Costa Rica and the land of Pura Vida, check out some of my posts from back then. That pretty much includes things that I won't get to do now. But I'm sure I will have different but still memorable experiences this time around as well.

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