Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mobile Blogging Test

This is a test of the emergency broad... actually, no. But is a test without any annoying screeching sounds.

There is finally a Blogger iPhone app. When I got my iPhone one of the first things I did was to get the Blogger app only to find that there wasn't one.


So finally on Thursday I read somewhere that Blogger had come out with an app for iOS. Sweet. Got it and, well, here I am.

Now I have mobile blogged before (or is it mobile-blogged?). With my blackberry I would just send an email to Blogger and it would publish it as a post. You just have to set it up on your dashboard but it's not tough to do.

This is different. You get more bells and whistles this way I would assume. You are supposed to be able to mess with pictures so let me see about that.

I included a picture I took of me and the girls Thursday morning from my phone.

Hmm, if I can take pictures and blog all from my phone I could do some cool posts, like a true post-race post. Not a recap but something with a picture or three and a bit more info than "I just finished my race!" type of thing. Or if you are traveling you could put up a post about stuff...

Speaking of traveling, I am going to Morelia, Mexico next week for work. Awesome! I leave Sunday afternoon and get back very early on Wednesday. We'll see if I can run there or not. Depends on where the hotel is.

Anyway, just wanted to test this out. So far, so good...


Morgan said...

Awesomesauce! Thanks for letting the world know! Will def be downloading for future use.

Also, the girls are getting so big and safe travels to you buddy!

The Jesse said...

have a great time in mexico - even if it is for work. hopefully you'll find time to run :)

thanks for the info about the blogger app! to borrow from the redhead, awesomesauce indeed :) :) :)

Coy Martinez said...

Cool picture! Check out those big smiles!!

I've been to Morelia I think! Or maybe I just met someone from there. I'll have to ask my husband. We traveled all over the countryside a few years back!