Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. Run Streak Alive And Well: On Thursday morning I ran for the 17th consecutive day. It was just a 2-mile run (I'll explain why so little in a second) but it was a run nonetheless. A good run. Any run is a good run. My legs feel so good right now, every run I go on lately just lets me know that my legs are getting stronger and stronger. I've done two 10-mile runs during my streak and the difference between the first and the second was quite noticeable. I plan to keep this streak going as long as I can so I will be able to continue getting stronger while burning more calories and hopefully losing some weight.

2. Boot Camp: I started my first day of a 30-day boot camp workout. I got a Groupon earlier this year and finally redeemed it. It's for 30 days' worth of these boot camp classes. I didn't know what to expect but I wanted to run a little so I ran two miles - one mile out from the parking lot and then back - and had about 10 minutes to rest up before we started. That class kicked me in the butt. We warmed up, did some core work, then went right into it. There were four stations and you alternated two workouts at each station. There were either weights or ropes for one and then something involving the core (planks, tricep planks, burpees, mountain man pushups... yeah, wasn't too familiar with anything but the planks before today). So you alternate workouts - there's a group leader there, very energetic, telling you how much time you have left and stuff. So when she'd say switch, you switch. I was dripping with sweat pretty early on. It was all challenging. Somethings I couldn't do very well - mostly the core stuff - while the other people in the class - mostly women - were doing the core stuff just fine. We tore through all the different stations in maybe 35 minutes or so, so that was essentially 35 straight minutes of just alternating things. It was tough but worth it. I'll be back on Friday for more torture.

3. Disneyland Resort Trip: On Wednesday I took the girls out of school early and we picked up their cousin and went to Disney's California Adventure. Their cousin is going back home to Washington state on Sunday so we wanted for the girls to spend time with her before she went back. We all had a great time. We were there from like 11 until about 8. Tiring, mostly at the end, but worth it.

A few pictures:

Excited for the day

Nabbing an autograph

Daddy and a daddy's girl


Kathleen said...

Bootcamp workouts are INTENSE! Great job with that! Cute pics also... takes me back to Disneyland trips with my dad. Good times :)

Michael said...

Awesome that you are having some great runs! Faster and stronger is better.

Boot camp sounds awesome. I keep wanting to do one, but I am seriously injury prone....bum shoulder now and already have back issues. Pretty sure it would take one class and I'd be out of commission for months.

Nice of you to let the girls spend the day with their cuz. I'm sure it's memories they will share for a long time.

The Jesse said...

way to go on keeping the running streak alive! i love this: "Any run is a good run" --- so true :)

i LOVE boot camp style workouts! they'll get easier as you do them more often, promise!