Monday, October 31, 2011

Gunning For 50

I set out a week ago to run 50 miles, and I was determined to get to it.

Here's how the week, and my lofty 50-mile goal, turned out.

Monday: A five-mile recover run to start the week off. I'm a believer in recovery runs now, have been converted. Tried to keep paces in the 10s but four of the five miles were in the 9s. Total: 5.13

Tuesday: Set out for seven. Didn't have a ton of time but had enough to get seven in. It was a bit drizzly but rain empowers me to run stronger. Solid run. Total: 7.36. Week: 12.49

Wednesday: Kind of a crazy run. Felt like I was slogging through the first mile but ran it in 9:52. Saw a coyote around Mile 4 and tried to take picture of him/her but he/she kept bouncing away from me and off into the brush, which I suppose was a good thing. My paces were solid - all between 9:21 and 9:41. Stellar run. Total: 10.14. Week: 22.63

Thursday: Originally was supposed to run seven, but got started late and only had time for six-plus. I stupidly pushed myself too much and ran this too fast. Don't know what got into me at end but held a 6:30 pace for about a minute. I felt wiped out for the rest of the morning, probably because of that. Total: 6.2 Week: 28.83

Friday: Had I not had this run streak going or my 50-mile goal, I would have not run on Friday. But I was determined to get out on a run and I did, after digging deep and finding some motivation. I volunteer at the girls' school on Fridays so I had to run around lunchtime, but I got out and had an easy run. Probably should have done five but I had running plans later that night so didn't want to destroy my legs. Total: 4.27. Week: 33.1

Saturday: Midnight run. Got dressed up and went running.

Now, it was supposed be six miles but I cut it short at four as some of the others I was running with only ran four and I didn't want to run alone. That set up a scenario for Sunday but it was cool. I enjoyed running at midnight and the costume actually kept me warm. Total: 4.01. Week: 37.11

Sunday: Our group run was supposed to be 11 but because we started in a different spot, it would turn out to be a bit more. I wasn't complaining because I had to go out and run more no matter what, and the more time to run with my group and less time to run alone the better. We finished our run at 11.5 miles so I had 1.5 to get me to my goal. I set out, ran until the 12.25 mark and turned around. I ran the last mile in a solid 9:32 and pumped my fist in the air when I hit 13 miles. Total: 13.01. Week: 50.12


Coy Martinez said...

You're a better, more healthy version of Captain Jack Sparrow!! 50 miles is a pretty good week on your feet! I think the most I ever put up was 37 and I was just aching at those :)

Well done!!!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Awesome 50!!! Pretty ballsy to go running in SOCAL in full costume at midnight! Garrrr, great job!

The Jesse said...

Congrats on reaching your goal! Very inspiring!!!

Awesome photo, you make a good Jack Sparrow :)