Monday, October 24, 2011

My Girl

I'm not a good soccer coach.

I'm in my second season as a Girls U-8 coach, and my teams have never won a game. This season my team - the mighty Purple Thunder - is 0-4-2. We've scored four goals and have given up... quite a few more. Last season, I'm not quite sure how many draws we had but the losses way outnumbered the draws.

Still, I'm not complaining. Much.

Sure it would be nice to get some more wins - it would certainly be nice to get more goals - but winning really does not matter to me.

I coach because it's great to teach children about soccer, because I'm giving my time to help others, but mostly I coach because I get to spend time with my Yvie.

I've taken tons of pictures with Yvie but this might be my favorite.


Jephy's Mom said...

My favourite coach was my oldest son's baseball coach. Other teams would accuse him of stacking his team because everyone who played for him one year, would request him on their registration form the next year. This was despite the fact that the team rarely won a game. He was just so much fun to be around and he never got tense the way some coaches do. Eventually, we did win though but that was just the icing on the cake. I am glad there are guys like you who give up their time and give our kids a sports role model to look up to.

Whitney said...

Loved it on FB and love seeing it here. She is such a cutie.

Angelina said...

Love this picture.