Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OC Marathon Pictures!

My OC Marathon pictures are up! Can you believe it??

Before I get on with this, I do want to say that my giveaway will be up either Wednesday or Thursday so thanks for being patient.

Anyway, the OC Marathon pictures were posted on Monday which is an incredibly quick turnaround. That's by far the fastest I've seen them after a race. Usually it's around Thursday when they are posted.

Without further delay, here's what I looked like as I ran my sixth marathon.

Very early on; no headphones, not a lot of sweat... trying to stick to my plan

Halfway mark - 2:14:43 into the race

I'm a bit of a ham during races but this camera snuck up on me...

... so I posed and tried for a decent shot

Into the finish, I'd regained my composure here 

All smiles, I was definitely excited

Final pre-finish steps

Wasn't really thinking about celebration anymore, just wanted to punctuate my race

Leaping for joy!

Of course I had to show off my bling at the end of my absolutely memorable day


Carrie said...

Wow you got some amazing photos!! I always look like some sort of shuffling zombie.

Amanda said...

Awesome pictures. Loved them all.

Caroline said...

they are all good but the finish line jump for joy is the best! you should buy it!

looking forward to that mysterious giveaway of yours!!!

Johann said...

Awesome photos of an awesome race!

Angelina said...

What a great finish line shot!

Whitney said...

As you already know from Facebook, I can't tell you how much I love that picture of you leaping at the finish line. It's so perfect!

Alisyn said...

Your pictures look awesome!!! You rock Luis!