Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three (okay maybe more) Things Thursday

Just a few quick hits for today...

- I signed up for the San Francisco Marathon! Okay, this was a little anticlimactic because I'm a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador after all so I was always going to be there, but still I had to register at some point and I finally got the green light to go ahead and do so. It's now officially official though - I will be running the full marathon once more, on July 29, and it will be my seventh marathon! I am absolutely excited about that.

- Here's my latest bit of writing for the San Francisco Marathon's Web site. I'm trying to write about motivation when I write for them so I chewed on this one for a bit. One question I get asked often is this: if a marathon is so difficult, so taxing and wipes me out, why do I keep running them? I got to thinking and came up with my latest post - The Ultimate Motivation.

- Also, please enter my giveaway if you have not done so already!

- I'm not sure what I put for the deadline but it's midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 :)

- I leave you with a song, one of the songs I'm really digging right now. I think it would go great in any playlist but that's just me. It's not that old although the group is no longer together.


Michael said...

I wish we were doing the SF marathon this year, but it's still on our list (well the half for me)!

Congrats on officially signing up.

Johann said...

I think the SF marathon must be a really great race to do. Yay for signing up! Happy training!