Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amassador Again?

Did I enjoy my time as San Francisco Marathon Ambassador?


Is it something I hope to do again?

I actually debated this for a bit. The applications for the 2013 San Francisco Ambassadors are up, and I initially wasn't sure if I'd apply. Part of the problem... if you can call it that... is that I wasn't sure if I'd want to run the race in 2013.

See, the race is usually in late July and my running has suffered terribly the last two Julys. In July 2011, I ran something like 40 miles the entire month. This year was not quite as bad but I was having a hard time finding time for runs. Also, the heat just wore me down. July was brutally hot.

I'd initially decided that I was going to run 4-5 marathons in 2013 - run one in February, March and two in May, and if I felt good gun for another one in June. Then I could take the summer off and not stress about missed runs. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Then, the San Francisco Marathon announced that next year's race would be moved up to June 16. This pretty much changed everything. This race could be my kickoff to summer. I'd have to run my last long run on Memorial Day Weekend and then the following weekend is the Fontana Days Half Marathon, which I could easily run. One 10-12 mile run the following Sunday and then - BAM! - the San Francisco Marathon is right there! In mid-June instead of early July!!

So how did this play into my decision? Well, I submitted my San Francisco Marathon Application. Fingers crossed.

I know that I am not guaranteed of being re-accepted. I know sometimes in situations like these that the company wants some new blood, some fresh participants and of course that's perhaps smart - keeps new ideas rolling along.

But I tossed my hat into the ring anyway. Not sure what my chances are of being selected once more, but I'm hopeful. I felt honored to be an Ambassador and really connected well with my fellow Ambassadors. I really did feel like I contributed to the cause. I helped two close running buddies choose to run the San Francisco Marathon and another I helped persuade to run the half marathon. And I tweeted about it as much as I could have done.

I'm hopeful of this leading to something but even if it doesn't, that's fine. I had my time in the sun, and if it means someone else deserving gets to participate and spread the love of the San Francisco Marathon, so be it.

Either way, I will always consider myself a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador.


Kerrie T. said...

Hope you get it!

Whitney said...

I'll cross my fingers for you! And I can agree with you about July (and August) running. It's hot. And it sucks (or maybe I just suck).