Thursday, August 30, 2012

TTT: 20, 20 and 37

Hey now, I've gotten two posts in this week, how about a third?

Well, here goes...

Twenty, Part One

So I'm running 20 miles on Saturday. Fun times. I'm not entirely excited about running 20 miles. I think what I'm most excited about is the chance of having a whole day's worth of doing nothing afterward. I will probably need/want to get a nap in afterward and I will have the chance to do so. Why am I running 20 miles? Well, I'm running the Long Beach Marathon on Oct. 7, so there's that. Plus I need to get more miles in period so this will help kickstart my legs into what will be a busy fall and winter for me. I think I'll do fine. Last time I ran 20 was to prepare for the San Francisco Marathon, and I was more undertrained then and I think I did okay. So wait... this is labeled as Part One.... that means there's a Part Two?

Twenty, Part Two

Indeed. This won't be my last 20-mile run of the month. I will have my last long run on Sept. 16, another 20-miler. Super fun! I know you are jealous.

Far Away But Not Really

It seems like 37 days is a ways away. Yet it also seems like it's right around the corner. Long Beach is 37 days away. I honestly can't believe I'm going to run yet another marathon in such a short amount of time. I know, some people run marathons with a lot less time in between, but this is a bit of unchrated territory for me. I've run marathons in faster succession before but this will be my fourth marathon of the year. I had four all-time through 2011, so that's something new. Plus this will be my first fall marathon. I've run winter (Surf City 2x), spring (LA, Diamond Valley Lake, OC) and summer (San Francisco 2x) but never fall. I don't know what it will all be like but so far it's been a bit tough because of the heat. I'm not gunning for a time so I will just want to survive. I'm fairly certain I can do that. Amyway, number eight will be just for the medal. I've got big plans for 2013, at least from Feb-June, so I just want to get my medal and hang it up on the wall this time around. Then I can relax a bit before diving right back into it, hopefully with a bit more mental energy.

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Coy Martinez said...

Sounds like you have a good plan! I have NYC coming up in November and I don't feel ready. I normally have a time goal but I just haven't made myself think of one this time around.