Friday, October 10, 2008

Back with a plan

I've returned!

Okay, so I took a three-month break between blog posts. But I've returned nonetheless.

See, I just got tired of writing when I knew I had an audience of zero. And then it just got to the point where it was too much effort for the amount of readers I had. Any effort for zero readers is too much effort after all.

But I've decided that even if I'm the only one reading, I'll plug along since the Mud Run is only eight days away.

Eight days. That doesn't give me much time, does it? I'm not going to get to work out today so I figured instead of working out I'd try and plan each of the next eight days individually.

I've been working out hard this week. I got in a 4-mile run and 12-mile bike ride on Tuesday and a 5-mile run and a 7.5-mile bike ride on Wednesday. I felt exhausted after each, and I'm not even sure how much of a benefit it is to do the extra mileage on the bike but it's helped jumpstart my workouts nevertheless.

Today is Friday and I won't be able to work out. I probably won't be able to work out on Saturday either. Sunday's are usually hard to find time as well but since I won't have to work on Saturday night perhaps I'll get up early on Sunday and go on a run outside. I haven't ran outside since I had a bad incident about two months ago. I tried running 7 miles when I only had 5 in me, so I had to walk two miles home while exhausted and dehydrated. That was not a good experience but Sunday morning I imagine would be doable.

Monday is a must. I think Tuesday would be one as well. Wednesday should be a rest day and then Thursday I think I should have a lighter workout, possibly a 3-mile run and that's it. Friday... I'm stuck on Friday. I wonder, would resting on Friday give me more energy on Saturday? Or would running lightly on Friday - even if its' just a 2-mile run - make me more efficient on Saturday? As long as Monday and Tuesday go well, though, I think I'll be fine.

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