Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shoe-in For Comfort

On Monday, I made a trip to a local running store and I was quite happy while I went there.

I was even happier when I left. And today, I will finally get the chance to let my feet in on some of that joy.

What's making my downright giddy?

makin' me drool

My new pair of shoes!

My old pair was hanging on for dear life, and I'm still going to use them a little bit actually. I've relegated that pair as my treadmill shoes, for now anyway. Eventually, probably soon, they'll be worn anywhere but on runs - although they will be my Mud Run shoes, so not quite dead yet.

Anyway, the trip to the store, the Running Center, was great. First, the staff are all knowledgeable and experienced runners themselves. It's just running stuff, so their shirts and shorts are all for runners, they've got fuel belts and Gu, socks of all sizes and a lot of other awesome gadgets.

I went there for shoes, though. And it went very well as it did the last time I went. The staff has you try on several pairs of shoes and you run lightly from one end of the store to the other and back. It's not a long run at all but enough for the staff to see how you run, how your foot strikes the ground and they will determine the kind of shoes you need because of that.

Since I wore the now-old shoes there, the guy helping me grabbed the newer version of the shoe, the Asics GT-2150, plus two comparable pairs. I tried the first two on and ran, then the third. I felt something strange on the third, like it was too rigid on the outside of the shoe. Immediately, I was told that shoe was no good for me before I had the chance to tell him what I felt.

I felt nothing but comfort with the other two. I was really tempted to buy both, and alternate one and the other on runs. I've heard that you could buy two shoes and do that, and that would last longer than buying three pairs of shoes, one after the other.

But I guess I'll have to save that such purchase for next time.

I went with the Asics over the other brand, Saucony, because I've only had Asics and they've worked wonders for me. I'm loyal, as my Polar experience shows, and I like to stick around with brands that I have faith in. The best thing is that us Lopers get 10 percent off, so that pair cost me 90 bucks instead of 100. Another benefit of being a Loper.

So now I'm drooling over these shoes. I remember feeling like that the last time I bought new shoes. I had a great run with those shoes the first time out, and I hope to have a run like that with these todays.

But what's making me most excited is to think where those shoes will take me. Redlands (half) for sure. Rancho Cucamonga (10K) for sure. San Francisco (marathon) might be there some where. Hopefully some other places that I do not have planned right now.

Either way, my feet are itching to get out and break those shoes in.


Kerrie T. said...

Love new shoes. That store sounds awesome.

Chicago Mom said...

There really is nothing like a great new pair of shoes to make you smile all day!

Katie A. said...

I LOVE NEW SHOES! I actually roate about 5 pairs at a time - all Nike's. Two are the same, one is a light racer, one is for long runs and the other is for shorter runs. I'm actually going this weekend to get my marathon shoes and can't wait!!!
Hope you have a good first run!!

Lisa said...

I love new shoes! I have Asics too and love them.

I have a $20 credit from some class action lawsuit against Road Runner Sports and I think I will use it to get a handheld or maybe another hat. Don't need new shoes just yet.

Love browsing the running store!

Enjoy the miles with your new kicks!

Willoughby said...

Love the new shoes! I always have a problem with shoes because I tend to walk on the outside of my feet (you know what I mean, right?). My shoes wear unevenly and get uncomfortable quickly.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I love getting new shoes! YAY :) It's great when the staff actually know what they're talking about, too.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

New shoes are a little like a drug...seriously I get them and MUST go run immediately. If I can't go run I get all jittery and anxious!

thrasherswife said...

There's nothing like a new pair of running shoes.... Although I typically find my first few runs in new shoes hurt... then they're banging!! Enjoy!!

tahoegirl said...

oh, i need new shoes too. i just hate the stockpile of old shoes i end up having and the dirty glares my husband gives me when i come in with yet another new pair. this time i am going to get fitted properly as i have a terrible pain on the top of my left foot leading down to my big toe since last weeks 10 mile run. wish me luck on this weeks 12 miler (longest run ever)!!

Angie Eats Peace said...