Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mission Inn Half

I barely had time to blog about the half marathon but I am running a half marathon on Sunday! The Mission Inn Half Marathon! Yay.

I'll update shortly after the race. The race starts at 7 a.m. PT and I'm hoping to finish before 9 a.m. I'm going to go for it, go for a PR but am fully aware that I may not be able to get it. I will be much more well-rested than Long Beach and the course isn't hilly. It is an out-and-back, for about six or seven miles.

Anyway, I'm ready. My legs feel ready for a long, fast run so here's hoping the rest of me is too.


Jill said...

Go Get 'EM!!!!

Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

Woo-hoo!! Go get that PR!! Good luck! :)

Tales from the Back of the Pack said...

Haha, I'm catching up on all my blog reading, and before I read on up your race recap, I'm going to go ahead and bet that you killed this race.

Virtual GOOD LUCK TO YOU! and to me on being right. :)