Friday, February 18, 2011

26.2 Around The Lake

I haven't registered yet for the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon but it won't be too long before I do. I've decided I suppose, unless this feet-dragging is more about not having made up my mind than anything else.

The course is interesting. It's entirely around a lake, interestingly enough. The entire perimeter of the lake isn't 26.2 miles so they had to go out a little bit and come back and then we can go on our way.

Check it out:

Since it's all pretty much right on the water, the elevation isn't bad. A few parts look to be at an incline and a few parts are the other way but it looks pretty flat.

It's funny because I'm not quite nervous about this. Oh, I'm sure from the safety of late February I can say that but I know once April 9 comes around I might be singing a different tune, but having run Surf City in a time I was happy with and, more importantly, with an effort I was happy with, I have some confidence.

There was a time I feared 15 miles. Hell, there was a time I feared 10 miles. You run enough 10-milers, enough 15-milers and you begin to see that they aren't monsters, and you are more than capable of running them. More than see, really, you begin to feel that you can knock them out regularly. I'm not there yet with the marathon but I'm beginning to feel that I can knock these things out.

So, when I finally do get around to registering - and it could be this weekend - I'll have a new target and some confidence to go along with it.

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