Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surf City Marathoner No. 3117

Looks like I'll be number 3117 at the Surf City Marathon. Exciting! I'm heading to the Expo on Saturday and at that point I believe it will finally hit me. Well, actually I do believe that it's already hit me but this will make it seem real, that I am really going to do this.

I looked at the site and tried to figure out any place where you can get updates as I go along the course but I've had no luck. If you happen to find something and want to follow along, by all means. Otherwise, check back here (or on my Facebook page or Twitter page) shortly after 11 a.m. PT on Sunday morning because I'll let you all know one way or another what my time was and how I did in general.

Right now, I'm feeling the usual pre-race jitters. I'm not exactly second-guessing myself but I know that it will be painful and that's a bit unsettling. But I know that once I get to the start line that I'll be good to go.

Anyway, thank you for all your support throughout my training and in other races. It really does mean a lot and I know I'll draw on it Sunday multiple times. So thanks for reading and following along. I won't let you down on Sunday.


Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

Good luck and go out there and HAVE FUN!! :) Can't wait for the recap!

Lisa said...

I know how tough it is when you put a time out there and put that much pressure on yourself. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

Good luck!

tahoegirl said...

Yup. You are gonna do awesome. Look for a little extra oomph at mile 20. I've hooked up with Fed Ex to send you an envelope with some extra energy. It should float into your hands around mile 20ish.

You will never disappoint.

Good luck my friend. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Amanda said...

Good Luck LB! Norcal is rootin for ya!

The Turtle said...

Best wishes for a great race!