Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marathon No. 4

Okay, I've started this blog post twice already but it keeps getting to places I don't want to go. So I'm trying this again...

My next marathon will be:


the Los Angeles Marathon on March 20


the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon on April 9

I had thought about LA for the longest time, since that's what our running group is training for. I will have a lot of friends running the race that day and it would be great to run it with them. I think I can handle the race because I think I'm a stronger runner now than ever. Surf City didn't totally destroy me this time around and I think mentally that I can handle the rigors of 26.2 once more.

However, work could get in the way of LA. It could work out better for my work schedule to run a marathon on another day, and April 9 is the closest date of a marathon around this area. Diamond Valley Lake is near here and the marathon is smaller. The best part and the part that is most intriguing is the convenience. I get headaches trying to think about how to get myself to the start line in LA. Diamond Valley Lake (DLV) would be so easy to get to. The race starts at 8 so I would have plenty of time to get out there, so no hotel necessary.

Money also could play a role. I need new shoes desperately. I felt every damn rock and pebble on the beach path Sunday. DLV is 80 dollars cheaper than LA. That's pretty significant. Considering I already spent more than 100 on Surf City (the entry fee alone, not counting hotel) and will drop another 130 or so on San Francisco, I'm not sure about triple figures for LA.

I'm debating all these things right now. I very much want to run LA but it will be here next year and I'm not sure I'm going to want to do Surf City next year. DLV is intriguing, the course isn't bad and I might have some family other than Mrs. LB out there cheering me on (you feelin' me, Danny?).

I haven't given myself a deadline yet but I want to decide soon. Maybe by this weekend the decision will be finalized. But when it is, you'll be the first to know.


Deborah L. Sykes said...

Hola Luis! I am catching up on my blogs (which I have been sooooo tardy with lately!) It's good to see you are still running and your blog looks fabulous! I wish I could find the time to blog everyday (or almost everyday) like you do..there are just soooo many things to do! :) Good luck with the my opinion, it sounds like the stress of doing the LA one is too much right now, take the Diamond Valley Lake one and enjoy the marathon - marathon's are already stressful enough without all the extra worry you are placing on yourself for the LA one... just my two cents! :) Hasta luego joven!

Lauren said...

I say go diamond! LA WILL be there next year and by that time all your buddies from your running group that ran it can give you some great insider advice :) That's the best! If I were you, I'd pick one triple digit race a year and try to find the rest in smaller ones if you can. Good luck with your decision making!

Whitney said...

I'm a big fan of smaller races... and smaller prices.

I just have to tell you. I'm doing a 10k mud run in September. It's called The Dirty Dash. I can't WAIT!

Glenn Jones said...

A couple things - getting to the start line at L.A. is not difficult *as long as* you start early in Santa Monica. I was on the 4:30AM bus last year, and *in* a seat at Dodger Stadium by 5:15. Also - you know that Diamond Valley is run for the most part on dirt roads, right? Any rain puts the kibosh on Diamond Valley.