Friday, February 25, 2011

Nuggets; Busy LB

Just wanted to get this stuff out there before the weekend arrives.

Twitter Nuggets

Are you on Twitter? I just got into Twitter earlier this year (@RunnerLuis). Wasn't really sure about it but it's grown on me. Like anything else, it can be a time toilet and it can be frustrating but there are some great upsides to it.

For me, I've been able to pick up some awesome running gems on there. If you're on Twitter, you definitely have to follow Hal Higdon, a marathon guru if there ever was one. I have two Hal Higdon books and read his web site constantly. He's a veteran marathoner and knows his stuff inside and out.

* Anyway, he posts a lot of good stuff on there, such as...

* Our goal in life should be to run as easy as a bird in flight.

* In starting to run, what do you focus on first: speed or endurance? Build your base of endurance first, and only then train for speed.

* Part of the joy in running is the realization that improvement can be achieved.

* Pace for a same-effort run might differ day to day or week to week. Weather and fatigue can affect your time. Don’t get hung up on numbers.

I'm telling you, it's awesome. Little nuggets that I snap up.

Ah, but the best nugget I came across wasn't from Hal Higdon. It was from RunningQuotes who passed this along from somewhere else:

* There will be days you don't think you can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime of knowing you have.

Best. Quote. Ever.

Another Day At The Office

Thursday was just another day in the LB house. Just to give you a taste of what life's like around here...

Dropped the girls off at school at 7:40 and came back home to do some work. Finally at about 9 I got my running stuff on and went for a run. Meant to get in about three miles but got five and felt great. Then I changed and got ready to head out to work. Well, I don't go every day but I went out to a soccer practice. And I got my picture taken too. Can you spot me?

Who's that guy rockin' the awesome plaid brown shorts?
Yeah, I'm trying to steal David Beckham's thunder. What can I say?

So after that bit of madness, I stopped at a Del Taco to furiously bang out a story, then had to go to a Starbucks to get a WiFi feed to file it (I just parked outside one and borrowed their WiFi). Made it to my mom's house to get Kennedy, made it home just as Yvie was being dropped off, rested and then went and had soccer practice, the first of the spring season - I'm coaching Yvie's team.

Hectic, I tell you. It's fun and great and enjoyable and rewarding, yeah, but it's hectic! So when I say my schedule changes from week to week, I mean it changes from week to week. Next week I'll go to the "office" on Monday, will be down in San Diego on Wednesday and will hope to squeeze in about 15-20 midweek miles.


Michael said...

I haven't gotten in to Twitter yet, between Facebook and now blogging, I don't think I can handle any more social media. Great little "nuggets" though.

tahoegirl said...

Hob nobbin' with the celebs. Yeah, I like how you throw that in our face every once in a while. Just hanging with your peeps.

Kinda like how you remind us of the perfect weather there in SoCal. Whatev, LB. Whatev. :o)

You are busy! Do you still do the library trips with your girls once in a while? Muffin Saturdays?

I want In-N-Out like NOW. I love that place. Leo's brother no longer lives in LA. Not sure how often we will get to Cali now. Boo.

Willoughby said...

I've never had much interest in Twitter. Everyone I know is into it, though. At least it seems that way.

Your schedule sounds like the good kind of busy. Where, at the end of the day, you're tired but feel like you accomplished something.

Raoulysgirl said...

I love how you are just RIGHT THERE in front...LOL!!!

I haven't made my way to twitter. I got into enough trouble with a blog. Facebook has been slightly hazardous. NO WAY am I starting twitter!!! LMAO!!!

Katie A. said...

Love me the twitter, since I get to chat all the time on there with you!!! You are a busy guy, BUT you are an awesome dad, those girls are very lucky!
I'm always in awe of all the cool people you get to interview!
Have a great week buddy!

Glenn Jones said...

Such a great quote! See you on Twitter!