Friday, November 11, 2011

Five For Friday

1. Reflection: Thanks for all the comments to Wednesday's soul-searching post. I am indeed grateful for all the kind thoughts and words and I've taken all of them to heart. I think my original mistake was writing an introductory post in our Ambassador FB page that didn't make mention of my weight loss. If I ran a sub-3 marathon, that would be something worth bringing up, but my huge accomplishment isn't with how many marathons I've run or how fast I run but rather the weight I lost.

2. Half Marathon Sunday: I'm finally running another race! It's been awhile since I ran my last race, June 18 to be precise. Since then, I've had some lean times (41 miles in July) and some fantastic accomplishments (first 50-mile week). I feel as strong now as ever and am totally ready for a race. However...

3. No Attempted PR Sunday: I am pacing a new runner. One of the runners from my pace group asked me a while back to pace him to his first-ever half marathon. I was flattered and told him I would, so I will. He's a bit speedy but I don't want to run for time. I want him to kind of set the pace, to have him let me know what's comfortable for him and maybe push it just a bit. I want him to enjoy the race, not suffer because I want him to get a good time. I want him to want to be proud of his accomplishment, then go off and chase PRs on his own. He's gonna set a new PR anyway, right?

4. Next Race? After Mission Inn, my next race probably won't be until Surf City (Super Bowl Sunday) and I'll be doing the half marathon there. I'll probably be pacing others as well. I'm actually looking forward to pacing others in races. After the LA Marathon though I'll get some LB time. We'll see what I enjoy more, pacing others or chasing PRs.

5. New App: For a while I've sworn by miCoach, the cool running app by adidas. However, it's been down for more than a week now and despite assurances by adidas that the problem is getting fixed, well, it just isn't. I can't sync new runs to my miCoach account and it only holds three un-synced runs. So annoying. I ran using iMapmyRun on Thursday but that one doesn't have splits. Friday I have to (sadly) run on the treadmill so Saturday's run I will use Run Keeper, which apparently has some good info. I ran a cool run on Tuesday, a 5-mile tempo run (8 miles overall) but I've yet to see my splits because of the issue with miCoach. Grrr! Ah well, I was able to enjoy Thursday's run, just ran it without paying attention to time and got me 7.1 miles in 1:06:41, a pace of 9:23 per mile, not a bad pace for not really trying for speed.

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Jim ... 50after40 said...

I had the opportunity to pace my daughter in her first race. That was awesome! It was really cool seeing a race through someone else's eyes. I'm sure you'll have a great time - good luck!