Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. San Francisco Ambassador: In July 2010 I ran one of the most challenging, amazing, memorable races ever, the San Francisco Marathon. I had wanted to run the race this summer but it just didn't work out. I'm hoping to run it again in 2012 and this time perhaps a bit more involved than just a regular runner. I applied to be a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador. What does this mean? Essentially I would promote the San Francisco Marathon and its races online and in person and I would get a complimentary entry to any of said races - I'd gun for the full of course. Here's a full list of the ambassador duties/perks (in PDF format) if you wish to read up more on it. Winners are supposed to be notified on Friday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully I'll be blogging a lot more about the San Francisco Marathon in the near future.

2. October Miles: October came and went and I set a new record. I wound up running 194 miles (give or take). I was quite close to 200. In fact, I could have gone out for six miles on Monday night to try and crack the 200-mark. But I chose not to obsess over that. I realized about a week before that I would probably finish in the 190s but I didn't let that affect my training or my planned runs. I didn't want to feel like I let myself down if I went for but wasn't able to get to 200. The way I look at it, 194 miles is a load of miles for me and I will continue to pile up miles. I'm going to get 200 here in the next few months, I feel it. So I'll just enjoy my record high for October and then I will enjoy cracking the 200-mile mark soon enough.

3. Race Day, Finally: I'm dying to run a race. I can't believe that I'm piling up all these miles and don't have a race to train for. I will get to run a race soon enough. I'm running the Mission Inn Half Marathon on Nov. 13 but I'm pacing one of the new runners from my group. It's kind of good and bad - but mostly good. The bad - let's get that out of the way - I won't be able to shoot for a PR. But I'll gladly trade that in for the good - I will get to pace a new runner who has never run 13 miles to his first half-marathon. I think that's insanely awesome. I'm looking forward to helping him to such a milestone and I'm honored that he asked me to help him. My next race after that will probably be the Surf City Half Marathon on Feb. 5 but chances are I will be pacing others there too. I will definitely pace my group at the LA Marathon in mid-March. So between then and now I will run just those races. I am already looking to Spring '12 and Summer '12 for marathons and half marathons! But you know the San Francisco Marathon is at the top of my list, ambassador or not.


Michael said...

Jim and I were going to do the SF marathon last year but he ended up doing Boston instead. It looks like an awesome (yet awful with those hills) race. It's definitely still on the list - the half for me. I hope you get the ambassador gig, that would be awesome.

Congrats on the almost will be there before you know it and like you said you can celebrate again! That's some pretty impressive mileage!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

We actually had San Fran scheduled and booked for this year, but ended up running another race instead. I can't wait to run it in the future. Looks like a lot of hills.

The Jesse said...

I am sooo excited to run SF next year! Good luck, I hope you get the Ambassador gig :)

Congrats on your highest mileage month to date. Oct was my highest to date also :)

Whitney said...

Your running is so inspiring - maybe I'll run more than 15 miles in one week.
Crossing my fingers for you! And crossing my fingers that Utah will call to you in summer 2012. :)

Lisa said...

Being a race ambassador sounds awesome; good luck!!

That's really cool of you to pace someone through their first half! Most people wouldn't give up their own race to help someone else. Have a great time!

Jill said...

Carlsbad in January? I will be there!!!

I LOVE SF Marathon, as you know. You would be a great ambassador, I hope you get it! And I hope I make it back there one day to run it again!