Friday, November 25, 2011


Felt like writing but my mind was not in the mood to piece together too many coherent thoughts in a row so here are some random, off-the-cuff thoughts to close out the week.

* My pace for the shortened Mission Inn Half Marathon was 8:39. Had I run that over 13.1 miles I would have had a 1:53:19, which would have been my non-Fontana half PR. Argh.

* I had wanted to run a 5K on Saturday, to test myself and gun for a PR but the only I found nearby cost $40. That's way too much for a 5K. I'd have done 20, considered 30 but nothing over. Oh well.

* I might run a 5K with the girls in January. Why not? I was talking to a fellow Loper about running with kids. Her 11- and 8-year-olds ran the Mission Inn Half with her. The girls and I ran two miles on Monday together (they cranked out two miles in 37:20 :) ). We ran and walked and ran and walked until we got to a mile and then turned around and went home. It was a lot of fun.

* Anyway, this fellow Loper I talked to said they girls should be able to run a 5K since they've been playing soccer all fall. I found one on Jan. 21 nearby that cost 20 bucks per. Oh yeah, I'm so there.

* An 11-year-old ran the Mission Inn Half at an 8:18 pace. There were also two 12-year-olds who finished at a 9:34 pace. Kids ages 7-11 ran it, and there was even a 5-year-old.

* Not to say that I want my girls to run a half marathon next year but kids are capable of a lot of things and sometimes we put limitations on them because we don't have enough faith in them or we don't trust they can do things.

* We're volunteering for a race. I'm kinda obligated to since it's the Loper Classic and all us Lopers should go ahead and volunteer, well, not first-year Lopers but all vets. I'm going to and it's going to be fun. I hope it will be anyway.

* On Oct. 1 I started off the day having run 861 miles in 2011. After Thursday's 10-mile run, I had 1,217 miles run this year. Not bad. It gives me hope that I'll be able to surpass last year's total of 1,333 which I thought wasn't going to be possible before October.

* I refereed a high school soccer game on Tuesday. I did not count the mileage. I'm not sure if I'm going to count the mileage I accumulate during HS soccer games this year.

* I wore my Garmin in enough games to figure out that, on average, I was running about three miles per each HS soccer game I reffed.

* I look at that as speedwork. There are moments where I'm just walking but there are moments where I'm sprinting. It's kinda cool to be able to keep up with these high school kids.

* I ate so much on Thursday. I was stuffed to the gills. It's a good thing I ran 10 miles in the morning.

* I hope I get my appetite back on Friday. On Thursday, I finished gorging myself eating at about noon or 12:30 and I was not at all hungry the rest of the day.

* Happy Friday, and have a great weekend! Thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate ya ;)


misszippy said...

I agree--$40 for a 5K? Insane! Your girls will have a great time running a race. My two kids have been runners from the start and my 10-yr. old regularly runs 5ks now. It's so great to share it with them.

Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

You will love running with your girls - I've run with the kids at my school and it's so much fun! It's amazing what they can do and how great they feel afterward!

Coy Martinez said...

$40 for a 5K!? I know it's California but sheesh! I say that but on Thursday I paid $30 to run in one. I grumbled at the race organizers with a "really". There were no roads that needed to be closed down to run this thing and I don't know that they give the money to charity. Maybe I'm just being tight.