Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves: LB's Un-Impossible Journey Edition

1. Sharing My Story: On Nov. 27, I am going to give the pre-run talk at our Lopers meeting. I'm going to talk about my own weight-loss story and will try to motivate the runners in there and try and get the message across that nothing is impossible. It's true, nothing is impossible. I don't have an official name or anything but Redefining Impossible wouldn't be bad. That's what I'm going to try and do, to have everyone who listens come away with a different view of that word, impossible. I know I redefined it and I hope by sharing my journey from 308 pounds to a marathon finish line, that others will realize that truly nothing is impossible.

2. Opening Doors: So yeah, this weight loss thing is pretty awesome. I never imagined the places I'd go and the things I'd do when I began this journey way back when. I mean, I'm a pace leader with a running club and and Ambassador with the San Francisco Marathon. They don't let just any old person do those things, right? I love my life now, and while I wasn't necessarily depressed or anything when I was heavy, I certainly didn't enjoy things as much as I do now. Maybe I needed some of those down times though to appreciate what I have now. It's like when I go on a run and maybe I don't have the best run or maybe I'm not feeling it but, dammit, I'm fit enough to actually go running. I'm fit. LB is fit. I was so far removed from fitness before that the word didn't even exist in my vocabulary. The thought of me being fit sometimes is still a pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming moment.

3: Initial Plan: So I'm hoping I get some time to practice my speech. I've been going over and over it during recent runs but have to stand in front of a mirror and get some things done. One thing I'm doing is to put an old favorite shirt of mine that now fits me so huge. I want to wear that at some point to illustrate how big I was. It's so big! Whatever I wear I will be ready for the talk, ready to motivate!


Jim ... 50after40 said...

You're a pretty inspiring dude! Every time I read about your amazing journey - I'm even more amazed about how much ass you kick in races! You didn't just conquer the extra weight - you stomp on it every time you cross a finish line! Redefining Impossible is a great topic. Like you said, it's exactly what you did! Good luck with your talk - you'll be great.

MissJewels said...

Not only do I admire you as a runner but as a person who's transformed throughout his journey! I second the comment below...very inspiring! Good luck!

MissJewels said...

*comment above