Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ambassadorial Post

Well, it's official.

Okay, it was a official a while ago, this whole San Francisco Marathon Ambassador role of mine. But on Wednesday, I officially became part of the San Francisco Marathon family - the virtual family anyway.

I wrote my first blog post for the San Francisco Marathon Web site. The topic: running with children.

Of course it's a topic I'm quite familiar with. I have had many challenges along the way with how to run and workout while being responsible for the girls. When I started my weight-loss journey back in March 2006, Yvie was 2 and Kennedy was six months old. I had to find time to work out and go to the gym while being responsible for them. Mrs. LB was working a lot closer to home at the time so that helped, but still it was a struggle at times.

Anyway, I put in some ideas of my own, talked to a few friends and got their input as well and wrote up what I think was a good first post. I even got a couple of pictures in there as well.

So check it out. I will probably be writing there on a regular basis so this will be the first of many posts I write as an Ambassador.


Willoughby said...

Congrats on being named an ambassador! Very cool!

Angelina said...