Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves - Dec. 1 Edition

It's already December. I can't believe how fast time flies by. I swear just yesterday was Labor Day...

1. Mad Month of Miles: In October, I cranked out 194 days and was so close to 200 miles I tasted it... or maybe it was all the Halloween candy I had on Oct. 31.... Anyway, I wasn't quite sure who i would be able to do in November and I didn't necessarily have 200 miles as a goal but I broke the 200-mile marker after all. I finished the month with 206 miles, having run every day in November. I enter December with a 53-day run streak intact and am determined to close out the year with that run streak alive. Not sure how many miles I will log this month - with a 14- and 15-miler on the schedule it could be quite a few - but for now I'm content with having broken through with a 200-mile month. If I achieve that again in December, I'll have closed out the year the way I like to close out my runs - strong.

2. Debate Solved: I'd been debating lately whether or not to log the miles I run during high school soccer games. I referee HS soccer games and the season started on Tuesday. The decision I made: even though I do walk during games, I also run a lot and sprint at times so if I track my distance during the games I will include them in my mileage. I've already altered my training a bit to accommodate the games so it does affect me in more ways than one. I tracked my mileage for Wednesday and it was 3.06. I refereed a girls varsity game and in the second half I was racing up and down the field quite a bit. With all the stop-and-go and sprinting, it's really like I'm doing speed workouts. I had to wear my phone on my arm like I do when I run but I wore it high so I don't think anyone could tell that I was wearing something up there. Just have to make sure that I have it on silence lest someone calls me during a game and my phone goes off on the field.

3. Race Volunteers: I recruited Mrs. LB and the girls to help out on Sunday for the Lopers' race. The Lopers put on a Holiday Classic the first Sunday in December and this year I'm volunteering for it. We're supposed to volunteer for it, by "we" I mean veteran Lopers. I ran this race as a first-timer back in 2009 and had a lot of fun (check out the race recap). There are two distances - a 5K and 15K. I think it's cool that they offer a 15K. It's a tricky distance. I've only done it once in a race, but it's more challenging than a 10K (duh) so to me that makes it more appealing. It's kind of the perfect distance if you have not done a half marathon to get you into the half marathon mode. You might be intimidated by the half marathon distance but running a 15K would give you the confidence necessary to approach a half since the 15K is only six kilometers shorter than the half. Anyway, we've been assigned traffic control. Not sure what that entails as that is all I know but I will know more on Saturday. I anticipate getting out there super early and staying out there a while. Hopefully all the drivers will cooperate with us.

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