Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching Up

Greetings and salutations!

It's been too long since I updated my trusty blog. Didn't mean to keep you loyal readers hanging. The holidays caught up to me with family and running and then sickness... it all demanded my time and thus the lack of posts.

Did want to fill you in quickly on some of the big things that have gone on of late here...

* The streak ended. Sad, but it did. It reached 75 days before it came to a crashing and unceremonious end. However, it was fine the way it ended. I got sick. I probably could have extended it to 76 days had I gotten up early on Friday (had an early-morning errand to run, so it would have been like 5 a.m.) but there's no way I could have run on Saturday. I was in bed most of that day and it wasn't fun. I was able to referee some games early this week, have more today and have a big weekend run planned. I'm going to start another streak... yes, indeed. This run-every-day thing worked out for me tremendously. I will blog about this on its own but I want to continue being a run-every-day runner. I will start a new streak on Jan. 1. Yay.

* Christmas came and went. Sadly, it was all too fast. But it was very enjoyable. Of the running-related gifts, I got a new pair of shoes, registration for a race (Fontana Days half), two running shirts and plenty of GU to get me through for a while. The girls got tennis racquets from Santa so we will try our hand at tennis once everyone gets healthy again. Hopefully we'll be playing quite a bit in the coming weeks.

* The weather's nice again. We had a really long cold snap here recently. yes, cold is a relative term, but it was quite chilly here. We're not used to high 30s as our lows and mid 50s as our highs. But that's what a lot of the last month or so was like. Well, finally we've come out of it and the forecast for the next 10 days or so all starts with a 7. Yup, that's temps in the 70s and I can definitely work with that. The bad thing is that I haven't been able to enjoy a proper run in that, but by this weekend I will have.

* New Year's Day run. I tried to start a tradition by running every Jan. 1. in 2009, I ran five miles and in 2010 I ran 10. But on Jan. 1, 2011 I ran 0.0 miles. Why? The next day I was supposed to run 20 miles, and I did... well, I actually ran 20.11 miles... so I didn't want to throw that run off. Of course, the run-every-day LB would gladly run a couple of miles the day before running 20. This year though New Year's is on a Sunday which means I have a long run scheduled. I'll be running 15 miles on Jan. 1 and will kick start the week/month/year with a splendid run.

Thanks again for your patience and I'll be back soon enough with a more steady stream of posts.


Morgan said...

Sorry that you too fell to the plague that was making it's rounds. :( Boo sick!

Glad you had a great holiday, fast as it went.

Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

Welcome back! I wondered what was going on :) I'm incredibly jealous of your weather, but that's what I get for living in MI! Hope the girls like tennis!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

75 days straight is AMAZING my friend!!! No doubt it's just a matter of time before you smash that record! Glad you had a great Christmas! Have a great week!

Michael said...

Glad you are feeling better. Being sick around the holidays really stinks! Sorry you broke your streak too....that's a pretty amazing one. Hope you can break it in 2012!!

Willoughby said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick!

Your running streak is absolutely inspiring! 75!

Don't feel too bad about being away from your blog. The holidays are a busy time for everyone. I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly in 2012.