Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ambassador Profiles

They're up.

All the profiles of the San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors are up on the race web site. Included is a picture of each of us (a lot of us anyway) and on some there are links for ways to get ahold of us, via email, our blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. There's also a bit of info about each of us. Not sure but I might be the only former member of the 300-pound club in there. Ugh.

Anyway, the contact info helps get locals in touch with their local ambassador. I'd be happy to run with IE locals who are also training for San Francisco, so if anyone asks I'm sure I could work something out. I'd love to take new runners to Mt. Rubidoux for instance. That's the mecca of hill training here in the IE if you ask me.

Anyway, here's the link to the page. I'm the only guy wearing pink... sigh. In fact, not too many of the ladies are in pink. Ah well, I'm true to my running club so what are you going to do?


Sunday I ran 18 miles and Monday was not a rest day. I wanted to run four miles. I went to Mt. Rubidoux but ran on the bike paths outside there. I headed down towards a nearby lake and ran around that twice. it's kind of a small lake so it's only like a mile around it. I had to run twice around it to avoid running out on the bike path more than I'd wanted to. Anyway, I wound up running 4.23 miles and I actually felt good. I might have felt a bit more winded than I usually do but otherwise I was fine.

That's another benefit of running every day. My recovery time is lessened. I can get my legs back to action quickly after a hard run and not feeling many negative effects. I could have kept on running and in fact was slightly tempted to plow through and get to five (I think I could have gotten to six without collapsing) but stopped at where I was.

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