Monday, January 16, 2012

Foiled By The Weather

It's January 16.

I suppose 50-degree weather shouldn't be a surprise.

A few weeks ago, in the midst of our "winter" I'd planned on heading out to the beach today. The girls are off school and I figured a beach run for me, bike ride for them would be a great way to spend the morning. Then after our run/ride I could let the girls play in the sand and shore as I sat and relaxed nearby, maybe reading a book or listening to music or just soaking in the rays.

But today's forecast for the nearby beach is mid-50s, cloudy and nothing like the low 70s that the beach enjoyed just a couple of weeks ago.


Now, I can still head out there and run/ride with the girls but the whole playing-in-the-water part would probably not happen. It's one thing if the sun is out and is warm but cloudy weather would make for a chilly time on the beach and that's probably not all that enjoyable.

Double ugh.

So I don't know what we'll do this holiday. I gave the girls a lot of options - bike riding nearby, tennis, climb Mt. Rubidoux, baking, a combination of things - but they seemed rather nonplussed about the options. I don't think I can handle Disneyland today since it probably will be crowded, given the holiday and all.

Anyway, I best get on with my day. I feel like leaving you with a picture so I will.

Kennedy got all dressed up this weekend for a quincenera (a cousin of mine turned 15 and she had a big Mexican-style bash to celebrate) and it was a treat for Kennedy to be dressed the way she was.

I was the photographer for the ceremony (along with my sister-in-law) so we snapped plenty of pictures of Kennedy...

Happy Monday!!


Coy Martinez said...

Ahhh, what a beautiful young lady! :)

Be glad that you live where you do. Here, it's snowy and icy and gross. The sun came out for almost the entire day yesterday and I was thrilled. It was cold but the sun does such wonders!

tahoegirl said...

Pretty soon that Kennedy is going to be dressed like that to go to the prom!

50's is beach weather here. Toughen up.

PS: Thought I would share with you that we are headed to Disney World for 7 days next month!! :O)

Willoughby said...

Even though I would love to have a day of temperatures in the 50's, I have to agree that it would be a little too chilly to enjoy the beach.

Kennedy looks beautiful in her formal gown! So grown up!

Angelina said...

She looks so grown up and beautiful!