Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TTT: A Full, Heel Sans Heal, No Surf

1. So how many marathons do I want to run this year? I'm registered for two marathons - LA and San Francisco (okay, not registered for the latter but as Ambassador I will be running the full). I am keeping an eye on other marathons but I wanted to wait until after LA to decide on another Spring full, and then had thought about doing the same for a Fall full with SF. Well, after Sunday's awesome 20-miler, I may re-think that thinking. I might be strong enough to run more marathons than I had originally thought. I suppose physically I am but mentally I think is where I needed to make sure I was in tip-top shape before deciding. Anyway, the Long Beach Marathon opened for registration on Wednesday and the price right now is $80 for the full and $60 for the half. I am tempted as all heck to sign up for the full. I'm going to have to seriously ponder this. The downfall to this would be having to run straight through the summer, run after SF and not take a break, but who am I kidding, I don't anticipate taking a break for anything. I may go for it, and worse comes to worse I can just run the half.

2. My heel is hurting. Ouch. My stupid shoes that I use to referee high school soccer games in have done damage to my Achilles heel. It's tender and forces me to limp. I hate it. I bought some new shoes in hopes that they will be more forgiving on the heel. I am hoping that does the trick.

3. Bummed about Surf City? I ran Surf City Marathon in each of the last two years but am not running it this year, neither the half nor the full. I am a little bit bummed about it to be honest. It seems as long as I've been running I've been focusing on this race, at least when I've been running through the winters. I'm going to be out there for the race because three of the runners from my pace group are doing the full and others are doing the half but it will be strange to not be running it. I know what will happen, though. Right now and in the days to come I will be bummed about it but when I'm out there seeing all the full marathoners slogging into the finish, I will say "I'm sure glad I did not run it this year."


Mark said...

Hope the new shoes help your heel. Try stretching more, too. That seems to help me.

The Jesse said...

Yikes, I hope the new shoes help your heel and that is doesn't bother you when running!

What other marathons are you thinking about in the spring/fall?