Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best Running Month Ever

January is over now and with it my best running month. I did not run a race this month but aside from that, this month has truly been top-notch on all levels.

I set a record high for mileage in a month with 222.

I had a 20-mile run that was my best training run ever.

I ran every day this month.

I am constantly encouraged by how strong my legs feel.

I ran long runs of 18, 12, 20 and 12 this month. The fewest I ran was a 1.24 on Jan. 14. I had an all-day commitment to tend to but got up at 4:30 a.m. and ran a mile and change. I averaged a bit higher than that - 7.16 miles a day.

About the only problem I have is my Achilles heel is acting up again. I hope that once I finish refereeing high school soccer games that my heel can heal.

February maybe won't bring 222 miles. However, I will run two half marathons and a 22-mile run in February so I will give 200 miles a run for its money.


tahoegirl said...

I am tired just from reading this. Great job, Luis.

Mark said...

Very impressive.

Willoughby said...

Wow, you just keep rockin' out those miles! Awesome!

The Jesse said...

Awesome job and a great start to the new year! I hope your Achilles is feeling better soon :)