Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Things Thursday: Stats, Races and a Trip

1. Monthly Stats: February came and went. I will say what I say at the end of each month - I can't believe it went by so fast. I swear, as I get older the days and months flow so much faster than they did when I was younger. I remember being little and the summers being soooooo long. Anyway, I digress. I ended up running 161 miles in February. Nice, right? Yes and no. My previous monthly totals:

October - 194
November - 209
December - 189
January - 222
February - 161

I got sick in February, the week after Surf City. It was a rough week all around - wound up running only 25 miles that week. Had I been able to run at least 40...

Still, if I feel any negativity over the dip in mileage, all I need to do is look at my mileage totals for the previous five months

May - 85
June - 81
July - 45
Aug - 115
Sept - 70

Anyway, not going to obsess over miles. It was probably good of me to get that rest in anyway. And I also ran 57 miles the last week of the month, and that's a new record too.

2. Another One To Run: I'm already running the LA Marathon (this month already!) and the San Francisco Marathon in July. On Wednesday I added another race to that list. I signed up for the Long Beach Marathon. That will be my third (or fourth) marathon of 2012 (on fence about OC Marathon). I've done the Long Beach Half Marathon before, in 2010, but the full is a race I've been wanting to do and was actually the one I'd targeted as my first marathon before I decided to join the Loma Linda Lopers in 2009. The good thing about this is the training. Since I'll have just run San Francisco I only need to run one 18-miler and one 20-miler (along with 12s, 15s, etc.).

3. Toronto, Here I Come. I'm heading to Toronto, next week in fact. I will be there only a few days. I get in on Monday, I think in the evening, and leave Wednesday night. I'm going for a soccer match - LA Galaxy vs Toronto FC - and am actually traveling with the Galaxy, on the same charter flight. Yes, charter flights are awesome. Anyway, I will be working a lot of the time but I do hope to go running in Toronto. I should have time Tuesday and Wednesday to squeeze in a six-miler. Weather is supposed to be not too bad, highs in the 40s and 50s. It was snowing there recently with highs in the 20s so that's an improvement. Should be fun. I've been to Canada before, went to Montreal in 2009, but this will be my first time in Toronto. Exciting!


Redhead Running said...

Honey if we all obsessed over a low month of mileage there'd be a lot more unhappy runners out there! You still had an amazing month and surpassed my mileage by 140+ miles!

How fun to run in Toronto! Have a blast!!!

Caroline said...

Oh lucky guy going to Canada!
Toronto is nice but not as nice as Montreal...:) the best town in the country is Quebec...! have a great trip! Doing Long Beach also...but just the half...I love that race one of my favorite last year.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Those are great totals ... you're killin' it man! Keep up the great work, take care of your legs!

Whitney said...

Please tell Landon that I love him and then take a picture of his cute face for me.
And then don't tell my husband.