Monday, March 12, 2012

Exciting Lead-up


If I had to describe how I feel about the LA Marathon, I'd have say it that way. I'm exciting... I mean, I feel exciting... I mean... It. Is. Exciting.

I suppose any variation of exciting would suffice, but I definitely feel excitement right now.

The marathon is of course on Sunday, and it will be my fifth marathon. I feel quite excited because it will be my first marathon since April and it will be the biggest challenge I've faced perhaps since I ran my first marathon. I've trained diligently for this, have set my sights on this, have increased my training for this... well, maybe not specifically for this. I went from running 25 miles a week or so, 100 miles a month, to running 40-plus miles a week and 200 miles a month and now I will be able to see if that was worth it.

I'm confident entering the last week, cautiously so of course. I had an outstanding run on Sunday, did 10 miles in about a 9:30-something pace. I felt energetic, felt like I had plenty on reserve and felt strong. I hope to feel that way times 100 on Sunday but that's what this week is for. This is my final taper week, a week where I will take it easy, carb up and prepare myself mentally for the challenges ahead.

I'm excited now and part of this week will be to maintain that excitement. I'm sure by Thursday or Friday some of that excitement will be tempered. Imagine diving off a cliff into a deep lake below. You see the water and the cliff and you are excited but once you start walking closer to the edge, your stomach sinks, your palms get sweaty and you wonder just how bad it will be. That will be me on Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

For now though I'm excited and I just have to remind myself why and focus on that.

I'm excited to take on the marathon challenges once more. I'm excited to meet up with the biggest monster I've faced in my marathons, the Mile 22-26 Monster, and punch him in the teeth. I'm excited to run with my fellow Lopers and feed off of their energy. I'm excited when I picture myself seeing the finish line and raising my arms. I'm excited to celebrate with my family and friends after the race. I'm excited for the medal. I'm excited for glory.

Sunday can't come soon enough.

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