Friday, March 16, 2012

LA Is Here!

I'm almost set to run the LA Marathon. Wow. Part of me can't believe it's here, since I've been training for it for so long. It's almost showtime!

My plan is simple... well I have three plans, three goals I guess.

My "A" goal: To finish under 4:15. I'm confident that I can get this done.... well, a tempered confidence. I think if things go right early on that I can push for this and it will be within reach.

My"B" goal: Under 4:20. This would be a PR. Actually, under 4:23:38 would be a PR. I've been training hard and my times have been strong so I do think that this is attainable.

My "C" goal: FINISH!! I'm running this race, at least I plan on running it, with at least one member of my pace group. She is a strong runner, stronger than me I think, she definitely looks stronger than I feel when we are finishing up our runs. Anyway, we are hoping to meet all these goals together but if we don't and we finish in a time slower than 4:20, we will still have enjoyed the experience (fingers crossed).

Overall, I'm excited for this race because it will be my first as a pace leader. There will be several runners from my pace group out there and a few them are first-timers or were first-timers when they first started running in my group in August. I will be excited to see all of them cross the finish line, whether they've run zero, one, two marathons or more. I took my running to the next level, have averaged around 200 miles a month since October and have been pushing and exceeding my goals and limits since then. I feel strong now, strong as I've ever felt, and I am itching for the challenge, hungry to get out there and conquer whatever stands in my way.

I may PR, I may not PR but either way I'm getting my fifth marathon medal and NOTHING is going to stop me.


I wanted to add this. If you wanted to track me there are a few ways. One, follow the instructions on here. My bib number is 1305. Pretty sure this will work. You can get results texted or emailed to you as they happen, as in it will send you a text/email at 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K and at the finish.

Another way is to follow me on Twitter (@RunnerLuis) or on Facebook. You're more than welcome to do that.

And another still is to check the LA Marathon web site on Sunday. Last year I was able to track my friends and fellow Lopers that way.

The race starts at 7:30 a.m. PT and I hope to finish before noon.

Thanks again for reading and for all your support. It's much appreciated.


Caroline said...

Good Luck to you!!!
hope all goes well and that the weather will not be too bad.
I will be watching on TV!

Lisa said...

Good luck and have a great time out there!