Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Leftovers (Oct. 23)

Leftover tidbits from this week...

Word Association
This week's words. If you want to play along, go here.

1. Werewolf :: London
2. Jim :: Jack
3. 2x4 :: numbers
4. Unruly :: children
5. Component :: part
6. Prolific :: wonderful
7. Wrestler :: professional
8. Huh? :: What?
9. Dolls :: girls
10. Super! :: Awesome!

Notes: American Werewolf in London led to my first answer. I remember watching that movie and feeling quite scared, particularly with the part where the main character changes into a werewolf, and his hand extends and gets bigger and hair covers his body, yeah, pretty scary. Not sure why I was able to watch that when I was like 7 but I guess that's another question for another day... Jim - Jack is actually a song, well, part of one. The song goes "Jimmy Jack John Joe Jeremy James, these are a few of my favorite names" and I'd heard it recently so it obviously came to mind right away; it's a good song actually. If you want to hear it, go here and click song number three (Favorite Names) underneath. It's by Key Wilde & Mr. Clark.

Something's Burning, LB

About a week or so, I was introduced to a new blog called Speaking From The Crib, who was a guest blogger on This Stop Willoughby and her awesome cocktail party. In SFTC's guest post, she wrote about how she hates moths with a passion, and I remembered that when I had my own little moth run-in this week.

It was after 8 p.m. recently and the girls were already in bed asleep. I was on my bed, on my laptop, trying to get some work done. Mrs. LB was out in the living room I believe so it was just me and my HP, for a moment. I soon noticed a moth had joined the party but I didn't really mind because moths don't bother me unless they're fluttering right in my face. It was slamming its head and antennae against the wall, trying to make its way up towards the lamp, which was on and emitting its usual bright stream of light across my bedroom. We have a halogen lamp in our bedroom, so the light is not just bright but quite hot. I went back to writing and didn't really think much more of the moth.

About 10 minutes later, I got tired of sitting on the bed so I left the room and went into the living room. Mrs. LB had been in and out of the bedroom by that point so I left the light on. Shortly afterward, Mrs. LB called me back into the bedroom.

"It smells like something is burning."

I started to worry because as I made my way to the bedroom I could smell the faint stench of a burned something-or-other.

Did something short out?
I thought, and I had a horrible snapshot of the back of my TV spewing smoke in the bedroom.

Maybe the wiring has a problem somewhere, just what I need, an electrician to come out and...

But then I remembered about my friend the moth and his path towards the halogen lamp. Apparently, it made it all the way up to the lamp, and not only did the moth make it there but it also decided to touch the lamp. That was not the best idea, because halogen lamps are scorching hot. Nothing is supposed to touch it because it can burn, so you can't have those lamps near curtains or shades or anything else flammable. My moth buddy, though, apparently was unaware and ceased to exist because of it.

Anyway, SFTC would be happy to know that there is one less moth around to aggravate anyone.


I received an awesome award from a pair of awesome bloggers. Tattoos and Teething Rings and The 5th Sister bestowed upon me the Dragon's Loyalty Award. There's a picture that goes along with, but it's kind of girly because the dragon is supposed to be the blog buddy and the blogger is the female, but since I'm not a female blogger, I'll just link to the award.

I think all of my loyal blogger buddies have received this award but I'd like to pass it along to Thrashers Wife, who has been a loyal reader from the resurgence of this here trusty blog.

LB's Song of the Week

I recently had an idea where I can combine my blog and love of children's music. Well, I don't know if it's quite a love of it but I listen to enough that I've grown quite fond of it. And if parents don't go out of their way to listen to children's music, chances are they won't stumble across it.

The only reason I stumbled across it is because I subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio, and there is a commercial-free channel there dedicated to children's music.

I used to think children's music was all about Raffi and The Wiggles and other gar... I mean, stuff like that, but it's not. At all. There are so many clever songs and artists and albums out there that a lot of children (and parents) would love if only they got the chance to hear it. My girls love children's music and I can stand a lot of it as well. Some of it, of course, I don't like but that's a matter of taste I suppose. And I'd rather them listen to that than to mainstream pop music because a lot of that is A) junk that I can't stand and B) has subject matter that I'd rather not expose them to.

What's funny is that there are several mainstream artists who have put out some children's music in recent years, such as the Barenaked Ladies, Lisa Loeb and Meredith Brooks, and their songs are pretty good (I bought the BNL album and it rocks!).

Anyway, I figured I'll see how it goes for now and maybe make this feature part of the Friday Leftovers.

This song is one I recently bought on iTunes. My girls like it a lot. I know it's from a commercial too but I don't know the commercial, I only heard it mentioned on the radio.

Enjoy! And let me know if you give the new feature thumbs up :) or thumbs down :/

Colors by Kira Willey:


5thsister said...

I just love having Friday Leftovers! So filling and good!

I read SFTC post regarding moths, too. It was hilarious. Glad at least one of those nasty creatures got his comeuppance!

Willoughby said...

Your moth story reminded me of the bug zapper the neighbors had when I was a kid. I don't think it killed many mosquitos, but it would fry the moths. The bigger the moth, the louder the sizzle.

I don't remember what commercial that song is from either, but I've heard it before. Not bad as kid tunes go. The only kids music channel that we have is an On-Demand music channel on our digital cable. It's the Raffi and Wiggles variety music. My 16 year old turns it on because it drives me nuts! He's fun like that. I like the idea of hearing your picks for decent kid music.