Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Leftovers (Nov. 20)

The weekly leftover thoughts and thwarted blog posts here for your reading pleasure.

Word Association

Remember to play along here.

1. Grace :: God
2. Shower :: curtain
3. Alice :: Wonderland!
4. Purple :: haze
5. Apartment :: rent
6. 3 :: 4
7. Car :: automobile
8. Pregnant :: ugh
9. Counselor :: school
10. Discretion :: secret

You knew number three was going to end up that way. And pregnant :: ugh... well, just the thought of that around here is enough to make me grumble. We quit while we were ahead, or even, I guess. No more diaper-changing days for LB!

No Summer

We got notice this week that the next school year will begin on Aug. 11, 2010. That's one month earlier than this year, when it started on Sept. 10. Part of me is worried about this but another part of me is excited.

I'm worried because this leaves only six weeks of a true summer break. Yvie's last day of first grade will be around June 20-something, so she will have about a week off in June, all of July off and 10 days of August before starting second grade. She'll be rarin' and ready to go I'm sure but it doesn't leave a lot of time for family vacations. But I'm sure we'll figure something out. Maybe trips to the beach and more trips to Disneyland. Last summer we didn't go to the Happiest Place on Earth as much as I'd have liked because the girls had swim lessons, but maybe we'll dedicate next summer to Disneyland.

But on the other hand, I'm elated that school will start in August. Kennedy is dying to go to kindergarten and she will be off and running on her adventure in August. And that day, Aug. 11, 2010, Mrs. LB and I will go out to our favorite eatery and have a long, quiet, worry-free breakfast for the first time in a long time.

Running Fantasy

Another part of next school year that excites me is finally having some LB time. I seriously fantasize about having the girls at school and having the ability to plan runs and workouts on my own time, and not around preschool and trips to and from there. If it's the same as this school year, I'll be getting home before 8 a.m. next year and won't have to pick Kennedy up until 11:25. That's plenty of time to get in some nice outdoor runs. I'm lucky if I run three days during the week now, but next year I can really plan some runs and really put together an effective workout plan, that includes running and resistance training.

I know, that might sound a little selfish, to want Kennedy to go to school already. But believe me, she has been dying to go to school for more than a year now. And I only want to do what's best for her :)

Smile! ... or not

What's up with this?
I think it's a great picture and everything but I can't help to think that Yvie was worried or something.

She went through a phase last year where she had somehow gotten a fake smile, and every time we took pictures of her she posed in her fake smile. It wasn't until she saw her soccer pictures I believe that she realized it was fake and she didn't really like it. So since then she's been smiling normally. So maybe she was worried about her smile and somehow let it affect her.

By the way, this day I had to do her hair. Now, I do their hair a lot, most every day, and I enjoy doing their hair, but when it's for special occasions or something of the like, I usually choke because my cosmetology days are in their infancy. But this was a work day for Mrs. LB so I had to do something. I was not happy with how I sent her to school this day but it doesn't look too bad now.

I do wish I was talented enough to do this sort of hairstyle on her, and I'm sure Yvie does too. But for now, we suffer.

CWY's Return

We shot an episode of Cooking With Yvie earlier this week so keep an eye out for it on Sunday.

LB's Song Of The Week

My weekly nod to children's music.

I don't know if I have a favorite children's music artist per se but I do have several ones that I enjoy listening to more than others. So when their songs come on Sirius 116 or on the iPod at home (the girls love listening to their nearly 200 songs on shuffle played through their iPod player), I can enjoy it along with them.

They Might Be Giants, though, is probably on the short list of favorite artists. For one, they compose a lot of Disney songs. The theme for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a song of theirs as well as for the show Higglytown Heroes. Also, their songs are witty and a bit educational. This song is off their 2008 CD called Here Come The 123s, which is a follow-up to Here Come The ABCs. They just released Here Comes Science which I may get for the girls soon.

Anyway, this song here is called Triops Has Three Eyes. What the heck is a triops? Well, it's some sort of creature, kind of like a shrimp. It lives in the water and it really does have three eyes. Who knew?


Willoughby said...

Lots to comment on today!

First of all, even if the girls are excited to go to school, I think it's sort of a shame that the district is cutting their summer short. Unless you're a teacher, it's the only time in your life you get to have so much time to spend any way you like. Also, in our neck of the woods, early August is usually the hottest, humid time of year. Our schools don't have AC and I think it's hard to pay attention when you're miserably hot and sweaty.

Secondly, I don't think it is at all selfish to be looking forward to the days when both girls are in school and you can have time for yourself. I felt that way when my youngest started school. That being said, I still spend the better part of my day with one eye on the clock, calculating how much time I have to do X,Y and/or Z before I have to pick her up from school. That's probably due to my charming OCD personality, though.

Thirdly, I wouldn't read too much into Yvie's smile in her school pic. The photographers usually get the kids through the process pretty quickly. It's "smile, click, next", so she may not have been quite ready. It's an adorable picture either way, and her hair looks really cute!

Fourthly, can't wait for the return of "Cooking with Yvie"!

Lastly, cute song! Not bad for kid friendly!

Jephy's Mom said...

I'm not sure what the secret is to getting a good school photo. This year I had really low expectations since my son has decided to grow his hair long and donate it to locks of love. He has thick, curly, unruly hair that has long since grown out of a style (if ever he had one) and he never combs it.
We got to choose the background colour and for some reason he chose purple. I let him because with his hair it wasn't going to matter anyway. He was supposed to wear his black hoodie for the picture, but he took it off before posing. So he ended up in a RED Sens jersey with a PURPLE background.
It was his best picture ever. Go figure.

Lisa said...

When my kids were younger I couldn't wait for the first day of school. Now that they are older and have lots more homework and are involved in more sports I dread the start of school. Summer vacation is my "off" time, no rushing here and there, no helping with homework and studying, just a very relaxing, laid back time. Enjoy it while you can and I envy you all that free time for running and working out!

Lissaloo said...

I have given up on school photo's, we don't even order them anymore. My kiddos always had an odd look on their faces. I think Yvies turned out very cute :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Our schoolyear starts early and I love it! None of the kids seem to care, either.

As for the pic, Aiven developed a fake smile too; I think the school pic photographers are to blame.

Raoulysgirl said...

I agree with Tats...blame the photographers.

I'm kinda in a rush because I gotta start dinner, but I will comment on one other thing...

There is nothing wrong with looking forward to your child starting school. Isi is excited, but she still has a couple of years to go. While I'm not looking forward to her starting (not that there would be anything wrong...I'm just a nut), SHE is! It will be great for you and the Mrs. to sit and have a "grown-up" breakfast!!!

Kerrie T. said...

I like Yvie's hair. It's funny because I was thinking how much I liked it before I even got to the part where you said that you did it. She's a cutie!

So...I love Disneyland, too. I grew up in NorCal and we went down there once, sometimes twice, a year! and the hubs love TMBG, as well. T Junior's a little young to like all of the songs, but he appreciates Robot Parade. :) I didn't know they wrote songs for Disney. That's cool.

Good luck on your run on Sunday. I don't know much about the Burke-Gilman trail at all, except the name! (Okay, I just looked it up. That looks like a good one.) Another option, if you can't find anything better, might be the Cedar River Trail. I run this one a lot for long runs, but not sure how it would be for a 20-miler. This site says it's only 17.3 miles long and I know that most of that (like 10 miles at least) is along Highway 169, which means it's LOUD. It gets annoying to me and I think for a super long run like yours, that would suck.

Also, usually the rain here is not the rain that people imagine. Seattle rain is more like a really light drizzle or even a mist most of the time. So hopefully, that's what we'll get this weekend. :)