Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Leftovers (Nov. 27)

My weekly post of leftover thoughts and not-quite blog posts here for yoru reading pleasure.

Word Association

1. Marathon :: runner
2. Debt :: owe
3. Turn :: left
4. Image :: profile
5. Sofa :: couch
6. Envelope :: letter
7. Cart :: shopping
8. Process :: steps
9. Question :: answer
10. Rumor :: untrue

No real off-the-wall questions, thus no real off-the-wall answers.

Thanksgiving 10-miler

Things went great on Thursday... in the morning anyway. I ate too much food (surprise!) but started the day off with a 10-mile run. I could totally see myself doing that from now on every Thanksgiving. It felt great to be among other runners, many of them more experienced than me, many of them with many marathons under their belts, and I didn't felt out of place.

I wound up running most of the run with Angie of Angie Eats Peace and time flew as we yakked about everything from TV shows to movies to Thanksgiving and running, of course. We were at five miles and before I knew it up to seven and then at 8.8. I used to have no choice but to run alone but now I look forward to the social part of running long distances, and Angie's a big part of that.

We ended up knocking out our 10-mile run in about 1 hour 42 minutes or so, a little more than a 10-minute-per-mile pace. I wasn't quite paying attention but I think we ran faster in the second part of our run than we did in our first half.

Food Galore

We went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving and while she made most of the food, I contributed. I made cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and a pumpkin pie. I'd made the first two before but this was my first attempt at pie and it worked out okay. I was too chicken____ to make a regular crust so I made a graham cracker crust and it just was a bit too thick, too difficult to cut.

I know I should just try to make a regular crust and I will take the plunge, soon hopefully. I just need to do it!

Heating Up

On the weekend I was so cold in Seattle. I needed long sleeves, a jacket and a beanie to feel comfortable.

Such was not the case on Thursday.

Here's yours truly and my brother Danny before we plunged into our turkey.

Very warm. High of 85 degrees. I wore jeans. Should have worn shorts.

LB's Song of the Week

My weekly nod to children's music.

It's fitting this week that I bring to you a song from some artists based in Seattle.

Recess Monkey is composed of three Seattle-area elementary school teachers. My girls love their songs, in particular this one. It's called Sack Lunch, and it's about a, well, a sack lunch. Funny the things talented people can sing about.


5thsister said...

Love the song! Makes me wish my kids were younger so I'd have an excuse to purchase these CD recommendations.

I think that's the best photo of you by far, Luis! It appears as if you've slimmed down even more! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Jephy's Mom said...

5th Sister is right. Your arms look very thin in that picture.

Finally, a song that isn't too bad. I think the guy in the video is a man after my own heart. With his sack lunch suit, he reminded me of my youth when I would dress up in bags and stroll through the neighbourhood. I lived on a street that had a university on each end so there were students everywhere, all the time. Walking about wearing a grocery bag was a good way to meet people. Ahhhh! I wish I were a sack lunch again.

Kerrie T. said...

Nice picture...nice weather...okay, now you're just rubbing it in! Glad you had a great run and a great Thanksgiving!

tahoegirl said...

did you mention the 85 degrees on purpose?! it's 34 right now and it's noon. i agree with the others, that is a really nice picture. glad you found a turkey day run to do.

L.B. said...

Thanks for the compliments on the pic. It's a cool picture because I don't have too many with Danny. We're usually taking the pictures and not in them.

It's not as hot today as yesterday. It dipped down to 77 today ;)

Raoulysgirl said...

Ok...I'll be in the minority.

I had to stop the song! Isi is in bed, so she wasn't here to listen with me and...well...that guy bugged me a little.

That is a great pic of you and Danny! You can, however, stick your fair weather up...


Sorry. It's cold here...


Angie Eats Peace said...

I love the social aspect of running, that is why I enjoy the Lopers so much and am so glad that you joined!