Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivational Mondays (Nov. 9)

The overall winner of the Mission Inn Run 10K finished in a time of 29 minutes, 10 seconds. His pace was 4:41, and the 25-year-old beat the second-place finisher by more than two minutes. He also beat my time by more than 21 minutes.

Should that discourage me? Should I be disappointed that I finished so far back of the winner? Realistically, the race was over for me after a few steps for once the eventual winner took his first few steps it would have been obvious that I wouldn't have been able to catch up.

But to say that I am disappointed in my time would be way off the mark. I am still happy... however... the official race results came out and this is what it reads...

So turns out what I'd originally seen when I crossed the line was indeed my finish time, which is fine. It changes nothing to be honest.

I'm still excited about having run my best-ever time for a 10K and excited about the potential I showed that I have for future races. 49:59 or below is within sights and that's encouraging. Motivating.

I suppose that's why I like running. Well, there are many reasons why I like to run - staying healthy, meeting challenges, looking halfway decent - but races in particular are enjoyable. Even though I am not as physically talented as the ones who can run 10Ks in under 30 minutes, half-marathons in under 1 hour, 10 minutes or marathons in under 2 hours, 30 minutes, we are on level footing. They have their challenges and I have mine, and we both try and meet them however we can.

It's encouraging to know that if you were to pick up running and try to run a few miles here or there and then enter a 5K as a newbie with only a few months of running under your belt, you will liely enjoy the experience, and you won't be humbled by others who are better/faster/stronger.

Unless you can run five-minute miles, the only person you compete against when you run is yourself.

So even if the winner of a given race can finish, shower, dress and start eating a sandwich while you are still on the course, it's not exactly discouraging.


5thsister said...

"Unless you can run five-minute miles, the only person you compete against when you run is yourself."

Well said! That is, indeed the beauty of running.

Willoughby said...

Of course, there were probably runners who came in after you had a chance to shower, dress and start eating a sandwich! You should be proud of your time!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I agree with Willoughby- I would be one of those left in the dust behind you- great job!

Angie Eats Peace said...

We must have been right on the winner's heels.