Monday, April 18, 2011

Mad Monday Meanderings

Well, I made it. It's been more than a week since I've been on a run. I'm on a self-imposed running hiatus, hoping that when I do return to running I'll do so refreshed and recharged to hit my training hard once I start running.

Idle time has produced idle thoughts...

* Strange to not get up and have a run planned.

* Okay, that's not entirely true. I have a run planned for April 24, a week from today. But still, it's a ways away.

* I hope this time off is worth it. I know it's only two weeks but it seems like an eternity.

* I should do some cross-training but I hate lifting weights.

* 93 degrees in Riverside on Saturday. Glad it wasn't like that the Saturday before, because that would have destroyed me in the marathon.

* The most physical activity I had all week? Running a tiny but (to shag balls) before my daughter's soccer game on Saturday.

* Only two more games of the spring season for Yvie and Kennedy. Kinda bummed and happy at the same time. Happy because we get our Saturdays back, but bummed because the girls both like to play soccer.

* Yvie told me before practice on Thursday: "My two favorite seasons are spring because of the flowers and fall because of football, and by football I mean soccer. I want to call soccer football from now on." That's my girl :)

* Speaking of girls, I did Yvie's hair in a bun on Sunday and it came out well. I need to learn how to do more hairstyles though because Yvie's hair looks fantastic when it's in a French braid. I wonder if there's classes I could take to learn how to do their hair.

* What I can do with their hair: Ponytail, braid, pigtails, side ponies, bun... that's about it.

* We might have the girls take private swim lessons this summer instead of signing them up at the local pool. That would be great!! It would totally free me up... well, not free me up necessarily but it would give us all a lot more flexibility. We wouldn't be tied down to the pool's schedule like we were last year.

* Another bonus: I might actually try and learn to swim as well. The person Mrs. LB found is a lifeguard, a strong swimmer and we might see if she could teach me to swim.

* If I learn how to swim, I'm doing a triathlon. You can take that to the bank.

* I desperately need to burn some new CDs and get my Sirius satellite radio back in my truck. We've been listening to the West Side Story soundtrack non-stop for the last five days. No joke, I almost have the words to both America and Gee Officer Krupke memorized.

* Yvie says she likes the Jets but Kennedy and I like the Sharks. Mrs. LB is partial to the Sharks as well.

* We went to a musical on Friday night, watched Evita at a local playhouse. Don't let Mrs. LB tell you that I fell asleep at the end because I didn't. I just kinda dozed off for half a song... it was a slow song and I'm not used to staying up late, okay!

* We are going to try and take the girls to see Annie there in July. The girls recently went and watched Beauty and the Beast at the Pantages in Hollywood with Mrs. LB. They also watched Rango without me. Bummer. Oh well, kinda makes up for my 50-plus trips to Disneyland with just me and the girls.


Whitney said... for hairstyles.

5thsister said...

I so predict you will learn how to swim and you will make that triathlon a reality!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

Chuckling out loud with the hair at first then I saw how many styles you CAN do! When my husband does Brookes hair it is so lopsided!!! It's funny. I've been getting trained in pool..I am doing my first tri in July...pretty nervous for that. Swimming is challenging but worth it! I think you should definitely get lessons!

tahoegirl said...

If you learn how to swim I will too. :o)

The Turtle said...

There are also some good hair lessons to be found on YouTube.

Good luck learning to swim. I have that as a long term goal as well.