Monday, April 4, 2011

Marathon Differences

Saying there are differences between my first three marathons and marathon number four is like saying there are differences between

I suspect that once I get to the race, all those differences will smack me in the face and it's up to me to embrace them or suffer. Good news is, thus far, I'm embracing.

Just how different are the races?

* This will be the first time I see Mrs. LB before a race. Honestly, Mrs. LB deserves a medal for supporting me. Not counting the girls, Mrs. LB has been the only person in my family who has expressed any interest at all in attending any one of my marathons, and she's been at all of them. So seeing her before a race will be a treat.

* No hotel stay the night before - the race is 30-40 minutes from my house.

* No fears of getting to start line as this is a small race, not a big-city event.

* 8 a.m. start, easily more than hour later than the other races.

* Course is mostly through dirt roads as opposed to city streets and paved beach paths

* Race day is Saturday, not Sunday

* No expo; bib pick-up starts at 6:30 on race day

* No crowd support; the course will take us one direction for several miles and circle us back towards start line so we'll have plenty of support there, but afterward we are on are own. The lake is, well, a lake, and a lot of the places we'll be going past don't have people because they're not easily accessible.

* I didn't pay more than 100 dollars for this race - 65 bucks, baby! (LA would have cost me 145)

There will be more differences, I'm certain. For now, though, these are the ones that have stood out, but I am embracing them and looking forward to new challenges.

In the end, there is one similarity between the other races and this that remains the same.

From start to finish, the distance is 26.2 miles. And ultimately, that's all I need to concern myself with.


Willoughby said...

I think it's sort of cool that this marathon will be different from the others. Who knows, you may find you like it better than the bigger ones.

I think it's awesome that your wife is so supportive of your running. My guess would be that seeing her and the girls at the end of a race gives you inspiration to push on when you're feeling spent.

Since you mentioned the cost of the marathon, I have to ask you something I've always wondered about. Where does that money go? Is it spent on promotion, bibs and medals or does it go to a charitable cause?

Jill said...

I've done both large and small and found I do have a preference so I look forward to hearing your take after you're done! No matter what, though, smaller race fees ROCK!!! :)

Glad Mrs L.B. is always on board for the cheering squad!!!

tahoegirl said...

Mrs. LB totally deserves an award. I think she deserves a Michigan...just a thought.

I am so excited for you for Saturday. You are going to do awesome and I have a feeling you are going to enjoy the smaller marathon. I will be spectating as usual and waiting for your update. :oD

R Hacker said...

You're the MAN! I love your positive attitude about everything! To be able to mentally prepare this much in advance for such difficult things is just amazing.

I hope I feel that well prior to my 4th marathon (just have to get through my first three first).

You'll do great!

Michael said...

I really can't wait to hear about your experience. I honestly think you will like it. It will be different to not have the energy of other runners and spectators, but I think you wil get alot out of it.

Angelina said...

Not having to travel is going to be a relief! You are going to do great.