Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Goodies

Since I started running in 2008, I've been an Asics man. Not sure what made me choose that brand in the first place but I did and I had success with my first pair that I opted to make my second pair an Asics... and my third pair... and my fourth pair... I probably should have had more than four pairs of shoes in that span but let's save that for another day.

Anyway, being as it was my Geburtstag/cumpleaƱos/birthday on Tuesday, Mrs. LB took me to the local running store and I splurged and got me some new shoes.

What do you think?

Daddy got a new pair of shoes!

They're the Adrenaline GTS 11 model, which apparently is popular. What I liked about them was that they felt very light on my feet. The Asics I've had haven't felt heavy or anything but these shoes made my current pair feel like bricks by comparison. I'm excited to try them out... as early as today!

The shoes were awesome but I didn't stop there. I also got me...

so comfy

I splurged and got me a good pair of running shorts. Not that the pairs I have now aren't good but these... wow. They made me feel like a runner just by putting them on. I tried them on at the store and I felt like going on a run right then and there. They have built-in underwear, the longer kind that I prefer, so that will help out a great deal.

But I also bought...

where the magic happens

... some of the long pair of underwear I prefer. Sorry but I can't model them for you. Well I suppose I could but not sure how that'd go over with my readers.

I have now six pairs of running/workout underwear. I like them because they hold everything together comfortably and prevent chafing, two good qualities to have in workout underwear.

Ah, but that's not all. I also got me some of these:

sock it to me

This would be known as a 10-dollar pair of socks. I could have paid like two bucks more and gotten six pairs of Adidas socks at Costco but I've been wanting another pair of socks like these. I have a similar pair of socks that I bought for nine bucks a while back and those are really good and comfy socks. Hoping for the same from these.

And finally I nabbed some of these on the way out:

GU times six

A good supply of GU. It's funny - I swear by GU but I've not tried four of these... or is it three? I've tried the orange and lemon ones - love the lemon the best, it's my favorite flavor - and I think I may have tried the chocolate one at some point. Haven't ever seen the blackberry so am interested in trying it out. Also, Mrs. LB grabbed the Roctane and threw them in as well. The guy checking me out... the guy at the counter... you know what I mean... anyway, that guy said to ease into the Roctane as they are like an ultra GU or something.

"Ultra? Hear that? Your favorite word," I told Mrs. LB.

Ultra... dem's fightin' words 'round here. I bring up and ultra-marathon and Mrs. LB instantly shoots it down. But she did say something new on Tuesday. If I can get to the point where I run marathons and... how did she put it?... "I'm not worried about whether you can walk back to the car or hotel without collapsing" then she would be open to me running an ultra.

Woo hoo! Just another reason to train harder now that the Loper season is upon me.

And with all my awesome new running gear I got for my 3_th... (or is it 3_st) birthday, I'm gonna do so with pleasure!

Full disclosure, I turned 36 on Tuesday. I am washed up :)


Megan said...

Wow! You racked up at the running store for your birthday! Hope you enjoy all your swag! Happy Birthday!

Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

Awesome purchases! Enjoy and Happy Belated Birthday!

tahoegirl said...

I am 1 month older than you. Happy Birthday. Looks like you really hit the jackpot. Welcome to Brooks. I love my Brooks. I tried a Roctane on my 12 mile run this past Saturday. I really liked it.

Lauren said...

omg i run in adrenaline GTS's as well (also 11 model) and am in love with them. I hear they are coming out with a new model in November so if you like 'em stock up! I'm giogn to go buy a couple pairs tonight :)

You will love those shoes! Let me know if you think the padding goes away quicker in them than your asics - people tell me brooks padding disappears quickly but I wouldn't know as I only run in brooks... soooo make a blog post about it sometime!

Kerrie T. said...

Sweet birthday gear! Mr. T just asked me what I wanted for my birthday next month and it took everything I had not to say running stuff. Technically, I don't really NEED anything, but there are so many wants! But I couldn't think of anything else. LOL.

Funny, "full marathon" are fightin' words at our house right now.

Angelina said...

Awesome stuff, and hope you had a happy birthday!

Coy Martinez said...

A runner's dream ... that spending bonanza! Check you out!! Roctane is like GU plus 25% more kick. Love it.

I'm an Asics girl and switched to Mizuno's for awhile. I liked them, they just didnt last as long. Your shoes look pretty awesome. Plus, they're new!!

Willoughby said...

If you're washed up, I'm practically dead! 36 is still a young-in'!

Those are some great birthday gifts. The shoes look awesome!

I loved your caption "where the magic happens". I nearly did a spit take when I read it!