Thursday, February 2, 2012

3TTh: Race Day; Unfit; Girl Scout Cookies!!

1. Half Race, Full Day: My next race is fastly approaching. Before I know it I will be standing at the start line of the Surf City Half Marathon. It's going to be an exciting day. I am excited to run a race and to test myself at this distance, but I'm most excited for my running friends. Friday, I will write more about my buddy Dean who will be gunning for his first 26.2-mile run on Sunday. Aside from him and a couple other friends who are also running the full, I'm excited to have the chance to pace a runner to her first sub-two hour half marathon. She's been one of the stronger runners in my pace group, so I think she will have no problems conquering the distance. It will be fun to see her cross the finish and celebrate with her afterward. It's going to be an awesome morning. If you want to follow along my progress... I will have to get back to you. I don't know the name of the person who is selling me their bib my alias yet but once I do, I will share it.

2. Not Fit To Run: I ran across this on Men's Health. It kind of made me shake my head. The premise is this: a quick three-step test will help you see not just if you are fit but if you Men's Health Fit. Their three tests: core stability (hold a plank for 60 seconds), chinups, pushups. Yeah, no running or cardio of any kind. A bit further reading made me shake my head again. MH then describes these things that make for a healthy, active man: core strength, lower- and upper-body strength and "enough endurance to run a mile without stopping for defibrillation." Wow. So if you can run a mile you meet at least one criteria of being MH Fit? That seems like a low bar. I mean, for the average guy maybe one mile would be a decent mark but for MH Fit I would think that you should be able to run a 5K at the very least. One mile without keeling over of a heart attack? Unreal. Of course, their other things I would struggle with. I've never been good at chinups and pushups and planks are difficult and always have been. So all these rocked-up men who are MH Fit... well, I guess I'll just have to take solace in the fact that I can run 26.2 times as much as they can.

3. Girl Scout Cookies! Do you want some? My girls are selling Girl Scout Cookies. I am happy to ship cookies to different places. Already sending some to San Jose, Texas and got orders from LA and Utah pending. I will cover the shipping charges... unless you order a pallet of them, in which case I'll chip in. If you are local or are going to be in the area I would deliver them to you if we could work something out. Let's see, we've got Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites, Thanks-A-Lot, Shortbread, Lemonades and Shout Outs. I don't know, but I heard some of these make good post-run meals... wait... maybe I'm confusing that with something else...

We've got plenty, and we are already making plans to pick up more boxes of all kinds, so order away.

The girls would be much obliged! And you will get some of their handy artwork too :)


tahoegirl said...

Yes, please on the cookies. I will email you. You just made my day.

Mark said...

Before I started doing mud runs, I would run 1.5 miles every so often (like once or twice a week from April-October inconsistently). When I signed up for Camp Pendleton in 2010, I had to work hard to run 3 miles, much less the full 10K.

I agree that running a mile is not that big an accomplishment.

(And I've got to start working on the push ups and pull ups, etc. for Tough Mudder in 5 months, 5 days).

Whitney said...

I read that same article on Men's Health and thought almost the same things as you.

Oh Thin Mints, how I love you!!! Still waiting on what my husband wants...

Jill said...

Yes, I'd love some cookies, please!! Yummy!

Good luck in Surf City - that's a race high on my bucket list!